How to Stick to Your New Year Resolution If you are Overweight

Many people make different types of resolutions for the New Year. One of them is weight loss resolution. But many of them do not keep the resolution even for a week.

If your New Year’s resolution is weight loss, then you should follow a few necessary or essential steps. You will fail if you take it as another New Year resolution made to forget. Focus and dedication for achieving it will be the driving force.

Take your weight loss New Year’s resolution as a new or a fresh start. Weight loss resolution should include positive things. Proper diet, good digestion, good health, increased energy, and low body fat are some of these. These positive points will take you in the right direction.

Set short term goals for you to achieve your goal. For example, a one month goal. Keep a target for how much weight you want to lose in a month. Make a list of things you have to avoid. You have to make a list of things to follow.

Convert your weight loss New Year Resolution into a Smart Goal. Smart goals are achievable, specific, relevant, measurable, realistic, and timely.

List of Things to Keep In Mind if you are overweight and Want to Stick to your New Year Resolution

Set a Deadline

Set a deadline to achieve your New Year’s weight-loss resolution. Setting a deadline motivates you. It gives a purpose and urgency to reach your deadline.

Proper Plan

Make a proper plan for your work-out. Write on the calendar or a planner. Whatever is your goal, whether it is short-term or long-term, you should write it down. You should know how many days you are doing cardio and the number of days of weight training. The amount of time you are putting in each day should be pre-decided. Planning your work-out helps you to achieve your goal.

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Take Support from Family and Friends

It is better to inform your family, friends, or colleagues about your goal or the new start. They keep reminding you about your target. Whenever they ask you about your target, you remember about it.

Make a Scoresheet

Plan a proper daily routine. Make a sheet and score yourself every day. Start writing your daily progress on the calendar, notepad, or a notebook. It helps you to be on track.

This weight loss journey record motivates you to work harder to reach your goal. If your daily score is perfect, it is easier for you to achieve your goal. Fitness in all areas should be proper.

Decide on your daily exercise, what you eat, how much you eat, the amount of water intake, and other things. If this is perfect, then your daily score is perfect.

You should keep a record of your daily routine. Plan your daily routine with care. A daily routine plan helps you to stick to your weight loss goal. You can plan your daily routine according to your choice.

Buy Gifts for Yourself

When you achieve your short-term goals, try to buy gifts for yourself. It should not be food-related rewards. Except for partying, you can buy anything for yourself. You can shop for new garments to fit your changed body.

Realistic Goals

Begin with a realistic goal for your weight loss plan. Your target should be easy to achieve. Be wise in planning your goals. Such as losing five or ten kilos in a month. This is possible.

You can lose five or ten kilos in one month if you follow a proper exercise and diet plan. But if you plan to have a toned and fit body in a week, it is impossible. So plan your goals according to your body type.

Have a proper plan, where you know the amount of weight loss in a month and the total amount of weight loss in a year.

Daily Exercise

You should work-out daily. This helps maintain your wellness and total health. Daily work-out is helpful not only for those on a weight loss program but also for everyone.

You should work-out at least 3 to 4 days a week. Whatever is your goal, physical activity every day is a must for you. Work-out at least for 45 minutes every day.

Cook Your Meals

You have to follow a food diet to lose weight. There are many restrictions on what you can eat. You should cut down your oil, fatty products, and spices. Cook your meals. Do not depend on others to cook your food according to your diet. When you cook your meals, you will not cheat on your diet.

Take Help from Family and Friends

Find the right person from your family or friends interested in losing weight like you. Both of you can help each other to achieve your weight loss goal. Both of you can work-out together. You can even prepare your meal together. This helps both of you to check each other’s activities as well as reach your target.

Recovery after Setback

Changing your way of living is very difficult. Everybody makes mistakes. Try not to skip your exercise even for a day and even avoid having unhealthy food. This pushes you out of the track of weight loss resolution.

If you have cheated on your diet or skipped your exercise for a day, then do not give up. Try to get back on track the next day and focus on your plan.

9 easy ways to stick to your new year's resolutions if you're overweight
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Exercises to Achieve Your Weight Loss New Year Resolution Goals

According to research, you can maintain your weight through proper and regular exercises. The following are some of the physical activities you can do to reach your goals:

It is better to start with low impact work-outs. Swimming and walking are some low impact work-outs.

Select those physical activities with which you are comfortable or you enjoy doing. Such as working out in a gym or running outdoors.

To stay motivated, you can work-out with your friends or family. Instead of working out alone, you can work-out with some company.

If you have a busy schedule, you can break up the exercise into parts. This will make it easier to achieve the day’s goal. For example, if you work-out for 30 to 45 minutes every day, you can break it into three parts.

Divide thirty minutes of work-out into 10 minutes of work-out, three times a day. If it is 45 minutes, then you can exercise for 15 minutes 3 times a day.

Your exercise plan should contain moderate exercise for at least 150 minutes a week. A high-intensity work-out of 75 minutes a week is essential. You can mix both the type of work-outs.

Strength training is a must. You should do strength training at least two times a week. E.g. resistance training and weights.

You can keep a check on your progress by keeping a record of your physical activity.

Nutrition Tips to achieve your Weight Loss New Year Resolution

Start your day by eating a satisfying and healthy breakfast and even healthy meals for the rest of the day. Reduce your calories or lose weight by eating healthy and nutritious food. It is as important as your exercise. Take the help of your doctor or appoint a dietician to plan your diet to lose weight. They will give you a diet according to your body type.

Keep a record of what you eat. Keep track of the amount of food you consume. Avoid consuming unhealthy foods.

Do not reward yourself with food when you are happy, sad, stressed, or anxious. Observe what pushes you to eat. Find other ways or do something else to avoid unnecessary eating. E.g. you can call a friend or listen to preferred music. You can even watch a movie etc.

Control your sugar intake. Avoid eating cookies, pastries, and cakes, which have a lot of sugar. Instead, you can intake natural sweetness that is there in fruits and juices. You can also have dates and honey that has a natural sweetness.

Avoid liquid calories such as alcohol, aerated drinks, soda, etc. Have lots of water.

Consume cereals and whole-grain bread.

Avoid eating Junk food and deep-fried food.

Do not skip breakfast, lunch, and dinner to lose weight. Do not have three large meals. You can divide meals into 5 to 6 mini ones.

Include lean protein in your diet. Consume more beans, nuts, fish, eggs, and lean meat.

Add leafier vegetables or green vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, and mustard, etc.

Include carbs in your food. Such as asparagus that has a low glycemic index than potatoes.

Consume more fiber, which makes you feel full. Add high fiber foods such as lentils, green peas, lima beans, and broccoli to your diet.

Consume good fat in a small amount. E.g. olive oil, nuts, seeds, and fish.

The above are some tips that help you to achieve your weight loss New Year Resolution. Be motivated throughout your weight loss journey and do not give up in the middle. Your hard work will reward you in the end.