5 Best Exercises For Obese Beginners

You are beautiful in all ways possible, irrespective of your size, shape or color. Yet, if you are an obese beginner and prefer and enjoy losing weight and getting into the size you want, then you should continue your effort.

If you aren’t able to lose the amount of weight that you planned on to, there might be some problems with the way you’re working towards it. Many-a-times, we try to exercise to lose weight, but end up doing it the wrong way.

If you, too, are struggling with the same issue, you have come to the right spot. I’m going to be sharing with you a few of the best exercises you could do to reduce weight at a faster rate without exerting yourself too much.

These exercises will surely help you climb up the fitness ladder with ease and at a great speed. So, let’s begin!!

Easy Tips for Exercises for Obese Beginners


This can be done just about anywhere and doesn’t require any specific equipment.  It’s the most well-known form of exercise for obese beginners.  This exercise is suitable for all age groups and is known to provide multiple health benefits over a period of time. 

You can begin with short-trips of 5 to 10 minutes to the nearby store and slowly and steadily move to longer walks. This simple exercise can easily become a part of your daily routine when you combine it with your day-to-day activities, like shopping for groceries, visiting the park, etc. 

It will aid in burning your extra calories and promote a healthy lifestyle. The pace of your walk and your duration both will play an important role in deciding the number of calories you burn.

Those unable to carry out walking on their own would need to seek some help in the initial stages.

As time passes, they would be able to increase their pace, duration and intensity based on their own convenience. Brisk walking will further intensify your weight loss as it tends to burn more calories than mere walking.

Slowly and steadily, you can incorporate walking up hills, climbing stairs etc., for certain days in a week. Multiple short works can prove to be more helpful than a single long walk. 

Walking three times a day after meals for about 15 minutes, each is known to control the blood sugar levels. Every step counts, and you need to be consistent, if keen on losing weight. 

You can set a target for yourselves and work towards achieving it on a regular basis.  


To stay active, exercise is a must on a daily basis.  This doesn’t mean you need to go in for extreme exercises. Swimming as a form of exercise is very beneficial as water tends to make your body feel lighter. 

When in water, you do not experience any pain or discomfort, which you would otherwise experience when exercising on land. Exercising in water is best suited for those who have trouble with their joints and knees. 

It is especially suitable for those who cannot do other exercises like jogging or running due to excessive body weight. This exercise tends to keep your full body in shape as it works on your entire body right from head to toe. While in water, movement becomes very easy and exercise is fun.

You do not experience any muscle soreness and thus keep working out longer. This burns more calories. Swimming makes your body flexible and keeps you stress free. It is an exercise which isn’t much expensive and is suitable for people of all ages. 

The amount of calories you burn whilst swimming depends on how vigorously you swim and your body weight. The benefits go beyond the physical level and extend to the mental level. It is a fun activity and doesn’t feel like working out. For those with sleep issues, this exercise plays a very important role in improving the quality of sleep. Swimming regularly will bring about positive changes in your lifestyle as it will not only make you active but healthy.

Riding a stationary bike

Stationary bikes are so common these days. They are seen in almost all gyms as well as many houses. Riding a stationary bike is not only very beneficial for your health but is also comfortable as compared to the other exercises that most people do especially if you are an obese beginner.

This exercise is good for strengthening your lungs and also improving your ability to use oxygen appropriately. It is possible to burn around 311 calories on a daily with 30 minutes riding exercises. The exercise also strengthens your heart. These stationary bikes are good at targeting certain muscle groups and thereby help you reduce weight in a better and faster way.

They aren’t even as stressful as the non-seated bikes. The seated stationary bike is appropriate for obese beginners. It is more of a primary level workout but with astonishing results.

Some stationary bikes are also equipped with backrests that make exercising more comfortable and fun at the same time. Majority of the obese people complain about having bad backache, especially at the lower spinal area, but with the stationary bike exercise, that isn’t something to be worried about anymore.

The lower area of the body gets more focused upon with this exercise. If you are the one who wants the lower portion of the body in perfect shape, then this is the ideal workout for you.

Riding a bicycle

Even though physically riding a bicycle out in the open world might be a little more dangerous than riding a stationary bike indoors, the adventures that await you are endless. 
Biking has been around for over 100 years and the improvements that have been made to the most state-of-the-art bicycles are jaw-dropping. Some of the bicycles even semi-fold up so that you can store them easier. 
Riding a bicycle will work more of your muscles due to the changing terrain that you encounter. If you are considering this option, check out my detailed review post:


In order to get into the perfect figure that you have been dreaming of, push-ups are the best exercise ever. Push-ups have been practiced by many people all over the world for ages now. I do get it that they may seem difficult for an obese beginner, for instance, pushing your whole body weight can be a little difficult, but there are many ways in which you could still do push-ups just in a modified manner.

You could simply start by doing push-ups facing the wall rather than the ground. Once you have gotten comfortable with that, you could slowly shift to the ground, but instead of lying down completely, you could get on your knees and perform girl push-ups.

Lastly, when you have successfully managed to lose enough weight and have become comfortable enough with these push-ups, you can switch to the standard way of performing push-ups.

Push-ups focus on your entire body and help burn fat. They mainly focus on the arm muscles, lower back and generally help build up the strength of the upper body.

The effects that this exercise could have on your body are quickly visible than compared to other daily exercises. It is also found that the risk of getting any cardiovascular diseases is very less for the people who perform push-ups.

As this exercise requires a lot of energy and engages large muscle groups, the oxygenated blood supply to your heart gets increased in order to support these muscle areas and thereby intensifying your cardiovascular system.


For those with a lot of leg fat, squats are the exercises you should surely include in your daily workouts. Squats mainly focus on the lower body muscles and are also known for quick calorie burning.

Performing squats is very simple but still can be painful for obese beginners. You could start by small number of squats and then slowly increase the counts as per your comfort and energy level.

To perform them, all you have to do is stand straight and then slowly lower yourself down almost near to the ground and then rise back up again to your starting posture.

This might seem tough for obese people, but once you get into the routine, it will surely benefit you a lot. This exercises burns fat at a high rate and also gives a proper tone to your leg muscles.

Most people do not prefer spending money on gyms or other exercising centers, for them, this is the ideal exercise to be performed at home or at any park. Doing squats for simply 15 minutes on a daily basis could burn almost 230 of your calories.

If, due to certain circumstances, performing squats is very difficult for you, you could switch to modified squats as well. Instead of lowering your whole body almost to the ground, you could just lower it to the length of any chair. 

The results for these squats or the standard ones, remains the same. So you can try any of those, based on your convenience.


These were a few of the best exercises that anybody could try and work on if losing weight in the main motto. If you have the spirit and the motivation in you, you can surely achieve your target as soon as possible with these simple exercises.

The best part of them is that they aren’t only quick in terms of their results but are also very comfortable and easy to perform.

As long as you stay persistent in your workout routine, you will surely make it to your goal! I hope this write-up helped you on the way to your fitness journey!

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