Best Plus Size Fanny Pack Belt

Fanny packs are trendy these days. They are not only stylish but also add that extra dazzle to your look, enhancing your beauty and elegance. Apart from that, they are quite comfortable as well.

These bags are one of those pieces of fashion that fit any gender very easily. They come in various designs and textures. Many-a-times, you may make a choice for yourself but not find it in the size you want.

finding a fanny pack that would suit your personality and fit your waist appropriately can be a little tough at times. For that very purpose, I’m here to list down a few of the best plus-size fanny packs you could find on the market. Let’s begin!

Best Plus Size Fanny Pack Belt Reviews

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RedOrbis Plus Size Fanny Pack Review


The RedOrbis Holographic designed fanny pack is a very funky style pack equipped with an extension strap which extends up to 6.15″. This pack is completely adjustable and very comfortable to use.

Irrespective of your waist size, this product will fit you perfectly. For women who love fanny packs but aren’t comfortable in wearing them around the waist, it can be worn as a sling bag or a cross-body bag as well. Either ways it manages to look really cool and stylish.

The quality of the material used to design this product is amazing. Unlike other fanny packs seen on the market, this one does not wear off or hang loose on its end. It can even carry all your essentials such as phone, wallet, keys, etc, easily.

This product is also very spacious and easy to clean as it is water resistant. The fascinating part of the pack is it changes its colors with light. It’s like having a different color bag for different times of the day.

The pack is quite long lasting and can be a great gift for your dear ones or for yourself as well. It is the ideal product for the sporty and fun woman in you!

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Waterfly Fanny Pack Review


This fanny pack is made up of high quality Nylon and is fit for both men as well as women. It consists of 4 separate pockets so as to provide you with enough space to store all your essentials. There are 3 compartments available in the main pouch and a small compartment in the front to keep things you want handy, such as keys, money, etc.

The pack also has an earphone hole on the front side that is specially designed in order give you the freedom of enjoying music and attend to calls without having to take out your phone. It can be worn in any way, based on your choice and level of comfort

The waist belt too is adjustable and can fit any waist size up to 50″. This product can be used by everyone without any exceptions. It could either be teenagers, men, women or even senior citizens. The pack suits everybody and is also pretty classy.

The product is water resistant and ensures that your items remain safe from tiny water droplets, sweat, moisture, etc. Although it is to be noted that the pack isn’t waterproof and so should be used wisely.

One of its nicest features is that it is equipped with a breathable back pad. It has an anti-sweat layer that prevents you from getting the uneasy sticky feeling especially during hot weather.

You could carry out your work throughout the day without having to worry about any inconvenience. This product is also available is various designs and colors for you to choose from.

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Maxtop Large Fanny Pack Review


For those in love with sports, trekking and such fun adventures, the MAXTOP Large Fanny Pack is the perfect product to invest in. This pack is classy and elegant at the same time.

It consists of 4 zippered compartments that can hold your phone, keys, wallet, cards, etc with complete ease. One of the zippered pockets of this pack is at the back side and is hidden to others. You can store in your personal stuff and not worry about it getting robbed.

All these pockets are large and spacious. The belt has a reflective loop that grants you free and relaxed movement. The straps fit most waist sizes from 20″-50″.  The pack also consists of an earphone hole.

The material used to manufacture this product is of great quality and therefore lasts longer than the other fanny packs. It is also very light weight and so can be carried with complete ease. The price too is very cheap for such great quality product.

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OlimpiaFit Fanny Pack Review


This Fanny Pack is ultra light weight and is slightly box-shaped, providing you with extra space to store in your stuff. With this product, you can roam freely without any issues as it keeps your stuff well organized.

It consists of 6 different pockets, out of which two are anti-theft sections that make sure your essentials are super safe and protected. The front two pockets are specially made for you to keep in your small accessories such lipstick or car keys, etc.

The product is of supreme quality as it is made of 100% nylon material. The feel of the bag is very soft and it is also super easy to clean. In order to provide you with the well finished design, the fanny pack also has a separate nylon lining inside each of its pockets.

It is the ideal mini travel bag for anyone. The bag suits well for both men as well as women. There is a headphone jack as well, that lets you accept calls or listen to music effortlessly while you are on the run.

As the fanny pack is water resistant, you do not have to worry about sweat or moisture causing damage to your essentials. The product is specifically designed for a long and comfortable usage.

The adjustable waist belt can be adjusted up to 44″, but it also has an extension of 18″, which makes it suitable for all body sizes.

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Gusti Leather Fanny Pack Review


This particular fanny pack is made of real leather. It has one zip for easy opening. Inside you will find an additional compartment for better storage. It is like the perfect companion you could carry along wherever you do.

The belt of this bag is adjustable from 37.7 inches to up to 56.2 inches. This product is different from all the other fanny packs you might have purchased or seen so far.

This bag is completely natural and authentic in its look and feel. As far as the tanning is concerned, it is a natural process and the manufacturers also made use of high quality vegetable oils that led to this spectacular beauty.

The brand in itself is known for sustainable and natural products. On one hand, you find fanny packs that use toxic chemicals for its manufacture and on the other hand you have the Gusti Fanny Pack which is completely natural and long lasting.

It is very comfortable to use and is also very spacious as compared to the others. As we all know, leather literally goes on everything, so the style factor can never be questioned here. This bag looks amazing on anybody and everybody.

If too are a leather fan and prefer something stylish yet vintage, this is the best product for you.

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So these were a few of the best plus-size fanny packs and running belts. If you are into fashion or sports and have been waiting for a while to get yourself one of these, I hope you go for it now.

All of the above-mentioned products are just amazing and comfortable to use. You could choose anyone based on your style and requirements. As you might have already read, there are so many different designs and patterns available.

Make sure you make the proper decision for yourself or for whomsoever you are purchasing the fanny pack for. Good Luck!