Best Plus Size Running Gear for Running on Sand

Running is an excellent exercise. It helps to lose weight as well as keep the body fit and healthy. Running in the sand gives more training to the body than running on plain level ground. This is because sand is loose in nature. This makes the feet sink into it.

This makes it take more effort for the person running, and this is a more effective exercise too. Athletes train by running in the sand to increase their speed and endurance.

Running in the sand also builds great stamina. In this article, the best running gear for plus size runners for running on sand are reviewed.

Best Plus Size Running Gear for Running on Sand Reviews

Let’s check the best plus size running gear for running on sand on the market today. 

Mishansha Water Shoes Review


These shoes are your perfect companion for running in the sand. The upper portion of these shoes is made of spandex. These shoes are imported. It has a rubber sole. The rubber soles of these shoes have an anti-slip grip. The upper portion is wear-resistant, salt resistant, breathable, and stretchable. It is made of extremely lightweight Lycra fabric for cross ventilation and fast draining.

The shoes are unisex and can be worn by men as well as women. They are very comfortable and have excellent flexibility. They have quick dry drainage holes. These shoes feature a top-quality and unique anti-slip rubber sole having several holes at the bottom to guarantee a proper water draining system out of them. This creates a healthier and cooler shoe environment.

This Mishansha water shoes are very easy to wear as well as remove from your feet. At the heel, it has a pull tap to allow easy and quick entry of the feet, protecting your feet from getting soaked. It has elastic straps. These elastic straps adapt according to the foot’s width. This helps you avoid the irritation of tying your shoe laces.

These shoes are ideal for plenty of different activities like for the beach, surfing, swimming, diving, pool, sailing, kayaking, boating, beach volleyball, windsurfing. They can also be worn during daily activities and aerobics as well. These shoes are equipment that is necessary for your vacations.

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Nordic Beach Socks Review


Nordic beach socks are a revolutionary product. It is specially made for running in the sand. Plus size runners will find them a great solution for them to effectively running in the sand and for other beach-related activities. They can be worn for playing soccer and beach volleyball too. They can also be used as booties for watersports, diving, and snorkeling.

These beach socks come with a one-year warranty. They come in a set of two pairs. You can use them for all water sports. They are a premium brand by Nordic. They shield your feet from the hot sand, sun, sharp rocks, asphalt, and corals. You can use them as fin socks when you go diving. They are suitable for both cold as well as warm weather.

They are designed for all. Men, women, as well as kids can wear them. They are versatile gear. If you surf, swim, dive or snorkel, then these socks are perfect for you. You can use them with fins and booties to get optimal protection.

These socks are carefully crafted using a resistant Neoprene sole, premium Lycra body, and reinforced stitching. They have an ergonomic design for the perfect fit and extra comfort. They come in different sizes.

These socks offer a high degree of UV protection. This protects you from the dangerous UV radiation of direct sunlight. They shield your feet from sand that is hot as well as cold. They dry quickly. The breathable fabric on these beach socks makes them comfortable on the skin and fast drying too.

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JINSWOWAI Sports Bras Review


This sports bra is great for plus size women to run in the sand. It is stretchable and has a silky feel. It is lightweight and made from moisture-wicking fabric. It is crafted from 25 percent spandex and 75 percent nylon.

It is breathable, comfortable, and has high elasticity. It is not opaque. The solid colors that this sports bra comes in makes it easy to match with clothes.

It has a fabric lining that’s relaxed that keeps you comfortable during all indoor and outdoor activities and exercise. It has a full-coverage design of the U- back styling. It has a built-in bra having wide shoulder straps and ventilation panels for added support. It has a fit that is comfortable and cool. It features an elastic hem that is excellent for high, medium, and low impact activities.

This sports bra has a racerback design that effectively protects against shock. It also prevents the shifting of the bra as well as beautifies your back curve.

This is the perfect bra for any type of fitness activities, including yoga. It can also be used without issues for everyday activities. It is breathable, stretchy, and soft.

The bra is the perfect workout sports bra tank top. It has a seamless design. It can also be used with soft padding. It has an opening inside for easy replacement and cleaning. It has great elasticity. This sports bra has a scoop that’s the neckline, and it can be great under jackets too. It features a 4-way stretch fabric offering unconfined movement and great coverage.

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WOOSH Sunglasses Review


These sunglasses are ideal for running at the beach. They are constructed of a matte frame. The lenses are polarized. It gives your eyes UV400 protection, keeping your eyes safe. These beachwear sunglasses keep the eyes safe from all harmful light letting only light that has no harmful radiation enter your eyes. They let you see clearer. These unisex sunglasses improve depth perception and color. They are extremely long-lasting. They have a mirror coating.

These dark sunglasses are manufactured to have a rock-solid design. They are produced using durable materials. They have a polycarbonate frame that is virtually indestructible. These sunglasses won’t break even in extreme conditions. They are extremely lightweight. They are made to withstand the rough use and extremely challenging conditions. They are extra wide too. They shield your eyes from dirt and wind too. It comes with a microfiber pouch.

Each pair of WOOSH sunglasses undergoes rigorous quality inspection. They are crafted for fulfilling the highest standards. They are scratch-resistant. If you need polarized sunglasses for fishing, the beach, or even boating, these should be your first choice.

They are reliable and won’t disappoint you. They have great design and styling. Wearing these sunglasses will make you look very trendy. They will never go out of style. Both men and women can look at their best using these stylish and sturdy sunglasses.

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LTIFONE Men’s Shorts Review


The LTIFONE men’s short is a great product for a plus-size male runner for running in the sand. It has a zipper closure. It features a design that’s quick-dry that makes you have a more refreshing workout.

It is sporty as well as lightweight. It can also be used as swim trunks. It has soft touch. It has zipper pockets. It has two zipper pockets that have a smooth and durable zipper. In them, you can keep your wallet, keys, and phone from falling out when running and jogging.

It is fabricated from a stretchy fabric that is extremely lightweight. It is a cool and comfortable fitness short. It can be machine washed as well as hand washed. It is made of non-iron fabric. These shorts are suitable for gymnastics, athletics, basketball, workouts, jogging, running, hiking, boxing, yoga, swimming. They are excellent beachwear.

The material it is made of is 8% spandex and 92% polyester. The fit is true to size. The fit is perfect. It has an internal drawstring. The fit is above the knee. They can be used as a casual wear too.
They resist sweat, and they don’t give unpleasant odors. They are extremely well designed and comfortable. If you are looking for beach shorts that fit well and are stylish, these shorts are best for you. Buy these exquisitely made fitness men’s shorts for your exercising needs, and you won’t regret your decision.

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Running in the sand is greatly beneficial for plus size runners. It gives you more exercise than running on hard ground. Running on the sand at the beach is a completely different experience altogether.

The sea breeze refreshes you as you run on the beach. Plus size runners would prefer running on the beach compared to hard ground, although it is harder. This is because of the experience of running on the beach can’t be matched by running along the road. If you plan to run in the rain, you can check our article of the Best Plus Size Running Gear for Running in the rain.

All these products that are reviewed are exceptional. Mishansha Water Shoes are breathable and lightweight. They have an anti-slip rubber sole. Nordic Beach Socks are unisex and shield the feet effectively. JINSWOWAI Sports Bras are great for plus size women runners. They are breathable, comfortable, and feature a 4-way stretch. The WOOSH sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and are polarized. They are made having an indestructible frame. Finally, LTIFONE men’s shorts have a perfect fit and it comes with two zipper pockets.

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