Best Plus Size Hiking Backpack

If you plan an epic hike or a swift weekend stroll, you need to have a good backpack to support you through the journey. With so many options to choose from, picking the perfect one for you can be overwhelming. 

Your decision needs to be thought thoroughly based on your necessity and requirements. A number of innovations are made to modernize and improve the durability, functionality, comfort, and fit of backpacks.

To ensure you choose a great backpack for hiking that can deliver your expectations, you will need to check details such as,

  • Basic design
  • Durable material
  • Comfortable fit

Plus Size Hiking Backpack Reviews

Let’s check the best plus size hiking backpacks on the market today. 

Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Review


The Venture Pal 40L backpack is a compressible and compact pack. It gives you all the space you need to carry your essentials for the journey. It is very lightweight, and the straps and carry handles make it very convenient.

The backpack features good quality water-resistant and durable nylon material that adds strength and longevity. It has heavy-duty zippers with tags. The double-layered bottom provides extra strength allowing you to carry more load easily.

The 40L storage spacing offers a zipper closure and inner compartments. One waterproof pocket is added to the main compartment. 

The back of the backpack has an internal wet pocket that is put there to store your wet/sweaty clothes, towels, or personal things. The stress points are strengthened with bar-tacks.

The lightweight backpack weighs only 0.7 lbs and can be compressed, folded, and put into a pocket, making it easy to store when not using. The breathable shoulder straps are well padded, which helps relieve the stress of the weight from your shoulders.

The large storage space capacity and multi compartments design help you in keeps your things in a more organized manner. It comes in exciting colors varying from solids to cameos and leafy patterns, enhancing your style of choice.

The Venture Pal backpack is designed especially to be strong for your adventurous expeditions. It is ideal for hiking, trekking, cycling, fishing, and camping.

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Outdoor Plus Backpack Review


The Outdoor Plus backpack is one of its kind molle rucksacks. It has an extensible storage capacity of 85L. It is perfect for plus-size hikers and anyone that requires more room to fit comfortably.

The backpack is of top quality and sports an invisible stich design with a three-cord thread. This ensures the bag is of high durability and cannot tear easily. 

The well-made design features the storage capacity to be adjustable from 70L to a max of 85L. The extension is from the side zippers that change the width from 11 – 15 inches.

It offers you an ample amount of space for your outdoor activities. It has molle webbing on the front and sides of the backpack, making it useful to add other molle bags and pouches.

It has a drawstring closure to keep your packed belongings intact. The superior attention to detail on this backpack exceeds your expectations. The zippers are recurrently used. 

Thus Outdoor plus has adopted the KAM brand for the chains and zippers. It is one of the well-known zipper producers focusing on strength and durability.

The weight belt provided can be removed if needed. It has got a strong Velcro fastening on the side of the belt. Since it is removable, you can even use it separately as a belt. 70-85L may be too large for some but would be ideal for a big person.

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Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack Review


The Osprey Daylite Plus is one of the best lightweight daypacks for hiking, traveling, etc. It has a volume capacity of 20L. The simple yet functional backpack comes in various colors suitable to your liking. It is a formless shaped nylon backpack that basically takes the shape of the belongings you stuff in.

It is designed in a way that it can also be a pod pack and fasten to other Osprey larger backpacks. Besides using it for adventurous outdoor activities, it can also be used for daily use to carry your laptop or tablet.

The hip and chest belts are adjustable, making them fit your body according to your comfort when fastened securely. It has mesh pockets on both sides, an external hydration bladder back pocket, and a front pocket with a handy key clip and mesh organizer.

The Daylite Plus also features a padded internal sleeve for securely packing electronics. It is extremely affordable to all hikers and urbanites alike. The back panel is designed with mesh and cuts that make it comfortable and breathable. It helps you remain cool, calm, and collected when lifting any amount of load.

The backpack is light as a feather and weighs only about 1 lb. It may be a light pack but highly durable that you can sport with confidence.

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Nicki Sling Bag Backpack Review


The NICGID is a crossbody sling backpack. It is ideal for daily use to keep your electronics securely and for outdoor hiking to carry basic essentials. It is extremely lightweight and weighs about 0.38Kg. It is made out of nylon material, making it water-resistant.

The shoulder strap of the bag can be worn on either side by fastening the strap buckle on one of the D fasteners located at each corner at the bottom. It can be comfortably worn on the back, front, or on the side.

The sling bag allows you to easily access the items that you need quickly. The multiple main compartments sport six-size zippered pockets. This makes it easier to pack your things in a more organized manner.

The adjustable strap of the backpack makes it comfortable and compatible with everyone. It is ergonomically designed to relieve stress on the neck. Well, padded and breathable mesh allows you to wear comfortably without sweating.

The stretchable mesh pocket on the left side of the bag can be used to keep your water bottle or compact umbrella securely. The sling bag features an anti-theft pocket that is concealed. This allows you to place your valuables safely in your pocket.

It is perfect for short hikes and day trips. It is advisable to change the positions of the backpack from time to time to avoid backache.

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Men and Women Sling Backpack Review


This sling backpack is perfect for short hikes and travels when you want to carry light and pack only the essentials.

It is extremely affordable and available in three colors which are pink, grey, and blue, to suit your choice of personality. It has a wide adjustable strap that makes it fit comfortably for a regular and a plus-sized person.

One of the best features the bag has is the external USB interface. You can conveniently charge your phones, tabs, and other devices on the go without having to unzip your backpack. It can be used as a chest pack in the front, at the back, or as a crossbody on the side.

It has two large zipper compartments with smaller internal pouches. It allows you to pack your items in an organized manner. Each of the zippers has strong metal tags that have an easy grip on it while using. The main compartments securely can hold your tablet or laptop.

The design is very chic and can be beneficial to carry essentials for daily use or for other outdoor activities. It has easily accessible side pockets to store smaller items that u need to reach out to quickly.

This sling backpack is ideal for anyone who does not wish to carry too much and just wants to carry what is needed.

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One needs to remember; a backpack does not need to be complex in design to be exceptional. The simple, the more efficient.

Fit is one of the chief factors for a backpack. If it doesn’t sit right, you will be uncomfortable throughout your hike. Detachable or adjustable straps are most suited for plus-size people to fit comfortably. 

The hip belt will allow you to hold most of the weight apart from the shoulder straps. You will want the straps to have substantial padding and the back panel to be breathable. You can also check our article on the best hiking shorts

Depending on the journey, you will need to purchase a backpack that is suitable. For longer hikes, camping, etc., you will need a backpack with a high volume capacity. For shorter hikes, cycling, and trips, you will want minimal volume capacity enough to just carry your essentials.

Making the right choice of a backpack will make you feel more confident as you step outdoors.