Best Plus Size Hiking Pants

Hiking is a great hobby and you get the benefit of getting fit while enjoying yourself when you hike. 

You can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy life when you go for a hike. Using the best hiking pants when you are hiking and are plus sized is very important as it will help you to be comfortable. 

We have reviewed a list of hiking pants for the plus-size person. These pants are comfortable, durable, tough and easy on the pocket.

Best Plus Size Hiking Pants Reviews

Let’s check the best plus sized hiking pants on the market today. 

Libin Jogger’s Cargopant Review


Women’s cargo pants by Libin are made up of 8% spandex and 92% polyester material.

The fabric is very light in weight and slightly elastic. It is very soft on the skin and breathable. Also, the light moisture gets repelled on this fabric material. This, in turn, keeps skin dry and hygienic.

Libin cargo pants are comfortable enough for casual wear, hiking, or travel and classy enough to be used as office wear or outing.

For outdoor activities, these cargo pants provide UPF 50+ treatment. This means your skin stays protected from harsh sun rays.  You can enjoy your outdoor activity while UPF 50+ resists UV rays and keeps skin safe.

One more important feature of any cargo pants is the number of pockets it comes with. Libin jogger-friendly cargo pants have five pockets in them. The pant has one back pocket, two side pockets with zip closure and two cargo pockets on knees with hook and loop.

With so many pockets, just stuff your things, and you are good to go. Mobile, wallet, keys, handkerchief, mini deo, etc., just grab and stuff in your pockets.

There is an adjustable string for the waist for additional fitting and more comfort. There is a slightly elastic ankle cuff for ease of wearing the pant and sporty look.

The fabric is easy to wash, and it dries quickly after wash. Libin cargo pants come in various colors and sizes.

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SMENG Cargo Pants Review


SMENG cargo pants for women are made up of 8% spandex and 92% polyester. The material is very soft on the skin and breathable.

The fabric is lightweight in nature. These pants are ideal for casual wear, travel, hiking, gym workout, running, or yoga training. It is fit enough for a stylish look and comfortable enough for any outdoor activity.

SMENG women’s pants come with two side pockets with zippers. These pockets though smaller in looks but have a larger holding capacity. Your phone, keys, wallet, etc., can easily fit in those pockets. Moreover, zipper closure ensures things stay safely in the pockets.

The drawstring is also added for waist fitting. Along with elastic that comes in the pants, the right fitting can be adjusted with a drawstring. The elastic ankle cuff is designed for ease of wearing and a trendy look.

The fabric is easy to wash. You can easily machine wash, tumble dry or hand wash these cargo pants. Moreover, after wash, these pants dry very quickly. Avoid using bleach on this fabric.

Once you start using these super comfortable and soft cargo pants by SMENG, you will refuse to go back to those thick and heavy ordinary cargo pants.

SMENG cargo pants are available in six colors, namely Navy, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Black, Army Green, and Khaki. Also, the sizes range from XS to XXL.

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FitsT4 Women’s Pants Review


FitsT4 has launched comfortable and super cool hiking pants for a woman. These pants are very soft and stretchy. The fabric is very light in weight.  With the moisture-wicking design, any sweat or light moisture gets absorbed away from the skin. Thus your skin is dry and hygienic always.

The waist area of the pant has elastic for fitting any waist size. Also, it comes with a drawstring for extra fitting. Loosen or tighten the drawstring for getting the right fit.    

FitsT4 hiking pants have two functioning side pockets. Rest your hands in it for comfort and a cool look. Also, these pockets come in handy during your hiking adventure when you plan to carry things like a phone, wallet, compass, keys, etc.

The hiking pants by FitsT4 are ideal for gym training, yoga, travel, hiking, running, or any outdoor activities. If you are not an outdoor person, then also you can wear these pants as casual wear or lounge around your house. These cargo pants are ideal for almost all activities and places.

Drawstrings are also added near the ankle end of the pants. You can loosen these while wearing or removing the pants and tighten them after wearing the pant for a perfect fit.

These hiking pants for women can be washed by hands or machine washed. The fabric dries up quickly after wash.

FitsT4 hiking pants are available in various colors and sizes.

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Little Donkey Andy Men’s Hiking Pants Review


Little Donkey Andy hiking pants are three-in-one convertible pants. These can be used as normal pants or can be converted to three-fourth ankle-length pants or just shorts. Depending on the climate or your mood, you can simply zip off and make these as shorts or keep them as pants.

The fabric of these men’s hiking pants is stretchable and water-resistant. The moisture-wicking technique in these pants pulls away sweat molecules or any light moisture away from the skin. This keeps your skin cool and dry the whole day long.

The in-built UPF 50 protection technology prevents skin from harmful UV rays. Your skin stays protected from sun rays even while you are outdoor for longer hours.

These pants are ideal for running, hiking, travel, mountaineering, gym training, or any outdoor activity. You can also wear it as casual wear. 

Little Donkey Andy men’s pants come with seven pockets which prove very useful for holding things. There are two back pockets, two thigh pockets, and three slant pockets.

The waistband has four-way stretchable elastic for fitting. An additional drawstring is also provided for a personalized fitting. The drawstring is provided at the ankle for fitting at the bottom of pants and for free movement.

These hiking cargo pants are easy to wash and dry very quickly.

Little Donkey Andy men’s pants are available in various colors and sizes.

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Free Soldier Men’s Hiking Pants Review


Free Soldier men’s pants come with a concealed zipper that helps convert pants into shorts. These can be worn as long pants or shorts, depending on the climate or your preference.

The fabric is made up of 4% spandex and 96% nylon. Hence these pants are lightweight, easy to dry after wash, scratch-resistant, and skin-friendly. It absorbs the moisture away from the skin, keeping it dry for a longer period.

The Teflon coating resists stains or water molecules, and thus pants get damaged less.

Free Soldier men’s cargo pants have UPF 50+ to protect your skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays.

There are six pockets provided for carrying things. There are two large side pockets, two back pockets, and two cargo pockets. The cargo pockets are with a zipper-lock for added security. Also, the pockets have a Coolmax mesh design for comfort and durability.

The adjustable belt is provided in Free Soldier’s hiking pants for proper fitting. It has a metal buckle that is long-lasting. The partial elastic band in the waist and belt that can be adjusted gives you personalized fitting.

Free Soldier’ 2-in-1 pants are ideal for any outdoor activities like traveling, hiking, running, gym training, etc., or can be used as casual wear by men.

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When you go on a hike, make sure that you buy the correct pants. Using your normal pants or jeans may result in discomfort or may even prove dangerous.

The market is full of pants which can be used for hiking. However, the pants we have reviewed above are all strong, easy to wash, durable and most importantly comfortable. You can also check our review on the best plus sized hiking shorts on the market.