Best Memory Foam Mattress For Overweight People

Memory foam mattresses are considered one of the best and widely used mattresses. They provide a soft and slow response which makes them much more comfortable and cozy to use.

These mattresses contour your body shape and structure, thereby providing you with the best of relaxed feelings you could ever imagine. It comes in various sizes, textures, designs and quality levels.

Most often, overweight people find it difficult to get the ideal foam mattress that could do justice to their needs and requirements.  In the article below, you will find a few of the best memory foam mattresses on the market based on their features, quality, feel, etc.

I hope it helps you in making the right choice for yourself or any of your dear ones. Let’s jump right into it!

Best Memory Foam Mattresses For Overweight People Reviews

Let’s check the best memory foam mattress for overweight people on the market today. 

Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Review


The Zinus Memory foam mattress is infused with green tea fragrance, making it ten times more attractive than the standard foam mattresses you find on the market. It is made with durable construction and is fit for the long run.

It is equipped with three layers of foam that provide you with soft and comfy sleep. The top-most layer is three inches of memory foam. The second layer is 2 inches and more on the softer side. It is the comfort foam.

And, lastly, you have the 7 inches thick high-density support foam. If you are a side sleeper, this foam mattress is perfect for you. Your body weight has no bad effect on the mattress whatsoever.

Whether you are underweight or overweight, the sleeping comfort you will get through the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is excellent.  It can carry up to 500lbs of weight.

The foam used in its construction is certified in terms of its performance, content and much more. The mattress also features infused Active Charcoal that absorbs moisture, thereby keeping you cool and cozy throughout the night.

It comes in various sizes starting from Narrow twin to California King Size. You could opt for any of the ones you prefer. Another excellent feature of the mattress is that it gets packaged neatly and efficiently.

You get it into a box where you will find it well compressed. Once you remove it and roll it out, it will take its actual size and structure within 72 hours. You also get an entire10-year warranty on the product.

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Nectar Queen Mattress Review


Have you ever heard of a 365 day home trial? Well, the Nectar Queen Mattress provides you with one. This trial period begins the very day the mattress gets delivered to you.

It is specially designed to suit and adjust to all kinds of sleepers. The gel memory foam ensures that you stay cool throughout your night’s sleep. Unlike other mattresses where you might face rashes or hot lumps on your body, this mattress is different.

I’ve heard of three-layer mattresses and even four at times, but the Nectar mattress consists of five layers which give high-end comfy feels. The top layer is gel memory foam and a cooling cover to protect your skin.

The second and the third layer consists of gel memory foam and adaptive hi-core foam. Lastly, you have the breathable base layer and the bottom mattress cover that holds the mattress in place, preventing any slippage.

Nectar only uses Certiper-US Certified foam, which gives nothing but the best support and comfort to your body. You could sleep in any position you like, and you would still have the best sleeping experience.

One notable feature of the product is you get two premium pillows free along with the mattress. They are super soft and go well with the mattress. You are also granted a forever warranty with it.

This warranty is applicable till the day you own the mattress. It’s a total win-win offer. So, please hurry up to make it all yours.

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LineSpa Memory Foam Mattress Review


The Linespa mattress is a high-quality 8-inch mattress with hypoallergenic foam that provides excellent support and comfort. It has the traditional innerspring feature, which makes it fit for kids’ use and adults.

The mattress has an extra quilted foam layer at the top which aligns the spine, giving your body the ultimate care and love needed. This product is available in three different profiles.

You get the mattress in varying sizes like 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. Even the price is quite affordable and reasonable. You could use it for your room, kid’s room or even the guest’s room.

The feel provided is not too soft or too firm, but more on the stable end. It is also equipped with a beautiful knit cover. It is well compressed and comes in a box which helps make it convenient and easy to deliver.

One of the best features is that you get a 10-year limited warranty on the product, which lets you make a worry-free purchase.

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Sleep Innovations Marley Cooling Gel Mattress Review


If you sweat a lot in general and find it uncomfortable to sleep on any standard mattresses available, the Sleep Innovations Marley Cooling gel mattress is perfect for you.

It is equipped with special air-flow channels that help in keeping you cool throughout the night. The supportive center and the cool memory foam help in relieving pressure.

The mattress has a triple-layer design with quality comfort. You will not face any issues such as body aches or skin irritation with this product. It provides a great feel in all weathers.

All mattress materials used are Cetipur- U.S. certified, ensuring you get a sound and peaceful sleep. You will know about the quality in the first use itself.

You can unpack it from the box and use it directly. These mattresses come in various sizes ranging from twin size to California King Size mattresses.  You could also select whether you want an 8, 10 or 12 inches thick mattress.

It is ideal for all sleeping postures. The mattress for specifically designed to give you high-end comfort and durability.  So far, all those who have made this purchase have loved it a lot.

Even the price factor is no longer an issue. You get all of these benefits and excellent features for a great and reasonable amount.  Apart from that, there is also a ten-year-long warranty on the product.

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Casper Sleep Element Mattress Review


We all know how important proper balance is in terms of foam mattresses. You cannot have a cozy night’s sleep on a mattress that is either too soft or too firm. There has to be an in-between.

If you look for that ideal comfort, then your search ends here; the Casper Sleep Element Mattress is manufactured in a way that provides both softness and firmness at the same time.

The top-most layer of the mattress contours to your body shape and helps in relieving pressure. It also has a layer of breathable foam, ensuring that you do not feel hot or sweaty easily.

As you might have seen, most foam mattresses sag very quickly, but that is no longer seen with this product. It is equipped with a durable foam layer at the bottom that prevents it from sagging.

The characteristic that fascinates me is that the brand gives a lot of importance to environmental concerns. Each mattress here is made from over 120 recycled plastics bottles.

Another notable feature of the product is that you get a 100 night trial period. If you seem to be dissatisfied with the product due to any issues, you could return it within the first 100 days of its shipment.

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There’s nothing more relaxing than crashing on your bed after a tiring day at work or anywhere else, and a memory foam mattress makes that experience simple out of the world. You can also check our article on the Best Plus Size Yoga Tops.

The mattresses mentioned above can make life much better. If you do like any of these, do not hesitate to make the purchase. Just give it a shot, and you won’t feel disappointed one bit.

I hope you find the ideal memory foam mattress you want! Good luck:)