Best Plus Size Running Clothes By Nike

The right running clothes are essential for serious runners. Plus size runners who take up running in order to keep fit and lose weight need them even more. Running involves staying on the move for long periods of time. A runner will sweat quite a bit as he/she runs.

Hence choosing the right running apparel which will assist the runner run long distances without getting uncomfortable is necessary. Certain features like sweat wicking, quick drying, and chafe free clothes are much needed in running clothes.

Running clothes should also keep the runner’s body cool while they run.

Best Plus Size Running Clothes By Nike Reviews

Let’s check the best running clothes for overweight people by Nike on the market today. 

Nike Womens Plus Camouflage Running Shorts


The Nike women’s running shorts is an excellent product for plus size female runners. If it is on the mind of the runner to run to keep fit and lose some weight, these running shorts will help you a great deal.

It features an elastic closure. The shorts have a technology called Dri-FIT that helps the runner stay focused, comfortable and dry. These running shorts has mesh panels at the side that ventilate to help you stay cool while you are running.

It has an audio pocket internally on the back at the right side. This provides convenient storage for items that are small in size. These running shorts have a waistband made of elastic.

The running shorts also have an internal drawcord to give a personalized fit. It delivers a classic fit having sweat wicking technology. These shorts have a trimmed-up design to give a flattering fit.

The color pattern of these running shorts is of camouflage type. It comes in the colors of Wolf Grey, Jade Horizon and Juniper Fog. Female runners especially plus size runners will find these running shorts as a great addition to their fitness apparel.

Since it is manufactured by Nike, a world leader in fitness products, this piece of fitness clothing will never fall short of your expectations.

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Nike Women's Plus Size Power Sculpt Training Tights


These training tights are brought to you by Nike will make you look and feel like a Greek god. The tights will accentuate the natural curves of your body. These tights will help you perform any sports activities and will not hinder your range of movement.

The tights are well suited for the beginner, amateur, or pro athlete. The Dri-Fit system by Nike ensures that your sweat is effectively wicked away from your body and not absorbed by the material. This enables your sweat to evaporate which keeps your body cool.

A broad elastic band helps keeps your tummy firmly tucked in. These tights are very lightweight and do not take much storage space. There is a small mesh pocket at the back for storage.

As the name suggests these tights help you have a sculpted look. The seams are flat hence they do not protrude out of the fabric. This helps with the overall aesthetic of the tights.

These stylish tights will make you look slimmer and thinner. These tights are constructed using a blend of 12% Spandex and 88% Polyester.

A snug and body-hugging fit ensure good support and compression of your muscles. This will prevent any injury while playing or exercising.

Be it Yoga or an evening run these tights will always keep you comfortable and confidant.

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Nike Women's Plus Size 10K Running Shorts


As the name suggests these shorts by Nike are specially designed for long-distance running. If you are a marathoner or one who runs regularly to stay fit you will really appreciate how well made these shorts are.

These shorts are specially designed bearing in mind the comfort and performance of the runner. These shorts are made with special materials that weigh next to nothing. These shorts are made from the material using Dry-fit technology.

This enables the quick dissipation of moisture and sweat from the wearer’s body. So, your shorts will stay dry and not be bogged down with sweat.

There is special mesh ventilation on the sides of the shorts to ensure good ventilation while running. These shorts also have a lining inside for added comfort and a secure fit.

These shorts are completely made from the best polyester material. These shorts have a waistband which is elastic.

It can be further secured with the embedded drawstring. These shorts look very good on the wearer. The Nike swoosh is very prominent and adds to the style quotient. These shorts allow the free unrestricted movement of the legs while running.

You may also comfortably use these shorts for playing other sports or while at the gym. These shorts can be easily machine washed and they are quick to dry.

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Nike Plus Cushion Socks


Good shoes alone will not be able to give you the safety and comfort your feet desire. These 6 pair of socks by Nike will give you the best comfort and security that you and your tired feet deserve.

 A lot of smart engineering has been undertaken by Nike to make the best possible sport sock for you. This ensures a perfect balance and harmony between your feet and your shoes. The socks are made with the finest materials.

 A thick gauge of cotton blended fabric is used to provide ample cushioning. This also absorbs jarring shocks while playing high impact sports. This fabric also ensures that your feet stay dry and warm.

Its unique blend of materials enables moisture wicking from your feet and prevents bad odors from developing in your shoes and feet. The comfort and support of your feet are provided by the unique arch and compressive design elements in the sock.

Special additional padding is used in areas where high impact is anticipated while playing various types of sports. The toe and heel areas are specially reinforced to ensure longevity and durability of the socks.

These Nike socks comprise of a blend of Cotton (76%), Nylon (21%), Elastane (2%), and Polyester (1%). The socks can be easily machine washed with the rest of the load.

You can be rest assured that these socks will not let you down in the most demanding of conditions.

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Nike Dry Training Top


This Training Top by Nike is a quintessential classic. It is what Nike is known for namely performance, style, and comfort.  This is a no-nonsense top that gets things done at the business end without a fuss.

The cut and style of the top have an eased regular fit which oozes comfort yet does not look by any means boring or sloppy. This top is a genuine all-rounder where it is almost a perfect match for any sporting situation.

The Nike Dri-Fit system ensures the smooth passage of sweat from the body to the surface of the material of the shirt enabling quick evaporation. This in turn keeps the user cool and comfortable.

The top has a scooped neck cut with a ribbed lining. Shorter sleeves ensure great movement of the arms.

The helm of the top has a slight drop tail cut. The characteristic Nike swoosh sits handsomely at the bottom left corner of the top.

This top is very happy to be machine washed. It also dries quickly as it is made from 100% polyester fabric. This top should be an essential part of your activewear gear as it is so versatile.

One thing you can be sure about is that whatever sporting activity you throw at this top it will score top marks.

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As you can see, there are many excellent Nike clothes than can be used if you are plus sized and are planning to run. The Nike’s women’s running shorts are great when you start running. 

The Tights are great to tone your muscles and get them in shape. The socks will help you to run in any type of weather. 

And finally, any product made by Nike is a product that you can trust when it comes to quality and performance.