Best Yoga Mat For Overweight Person

We all enjoy exercising and practicing yoga as it refreshes and energizes us to seize the day. Yoga has become a new way of life for many people these days.

Spending time in yoga has become a necessity and having a proper and comfortable mat for it is a must. Many-a-times, irrespective of having the want and the passion to indulge in yoga, the discomfort faced by the mat can become a barrier between you and your goal.

Finding the appropriate yoga mat which does justice to your body size is tough at times. Just the same as finding the perfect yoga pants

If you are looking for an ideal yoga mat for yourself or for any of your exercising buddies, you have come to the right place.

I’m going to be sharing a few of the best Yoga mats you could buy and make use of which are perfect for overweight people.

Best Yoga Mat for Overweight Persons Reviews

Let’s check the best yoga mat for overweight persons on the market today. 

Clever Non Slip Yoga Mat Review


Majority of the yoga mats available in the market are not thick enough and tend to make the knees and elbows sore while practicing yoga. The Clever mat is 6mm extra thick, which helps protect your knees and other joints while working out. The mat is super comfortable to use and it enhances your yoga experience. The material used to make it is Tpe foam. It also has a firm grip on the ground that prevents it from slipping. The underside of the mat is wavy; this stops it from sliding and gives you the confidence to perform any postures without having to worry about falling.

This yoga mat also has a lovely textured design at the upper surface which gives you a firm grip while your exercising. The best part is that it weighs only around 2lbs, so you can easily carry it wherever you go.

Wash it with hand and make sure to prevent exposing it to harsh climates. The technology used for its construction is anti tear, so it can withstand rough use and it’s also pretty simple to wash off the dirt from the mat.

If for any reason, you aren’t fully satisfied with the product, you can surely ask for an exchange or even demand a full refund. The brand caters to almost all your requirements with reference to the yoga mat. This yoga mat is excellent when it comes to plus size or overweight people. It is overall the best yoga mat for overweight people on the market.

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Heathyoga Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Review


Heathyoga is known for its top-notch quality products for over ten years.  They aim to provide total customer satisfaction as they continually strive to source the best materials for their product.

Their mats are SGS certified and are designed keeping the end user in mind.  These are odor free and slip resistant ensuring that they have a firm grip.

Moreover, when it comes to being eco-friendly they do not cause any issues.  The thickness of the mat provides you the utmost comfort needed when doing your exercises.

It is much wider and longer when compared to other cheap and traditional yoga mats available on the market, making it a best choice of everyone. 

The alignment lines make it possible for you to continue with your yoga journey without worrying about the position of your hands and feet when practicing.

This mat can be easily carried from one place to another and the Velcro strap makes storage simple.  It can be cleaned without any hassles by just using soap and a soft brush.

This well constructed mat is a boon to both the beginner as well as the expert.

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BalanceFrom All purpose GoYoga Mat Review


If you are looking for a super comfy foam made yoga mat, this is certainly the one you should go for. It is super light and easy to carry. With it being so wide and long, it caters to the needs of people of all sizes without any inconveniences.

The base too is firm and prevents any mishaps from happening. The resilience is just exceptional, with which you can perform innumerable types of exercises without facing any issues.

The mat also has excellent moisture resistance. You can wash it off easily with the use of water and some soap if needed unlike the other mats available in the market that need to be managed appropriately.

This yoga mat comes along with a yoga strap. This helps you carry the mat from one place to another. It’s very useful especially while one is traveling.

The best part of the BalanceFrom products is that their first and main priority is to make sure that their customer is satisfied. So if by any chance you do not experience that, you do not have to worry at all because the GoYoga mat comes with a warranty for 2 years.

They’ve got a variety of colors available as well, so you can choose any one based on your favorites.

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Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat Review


This Gaiam Yoga mat is a classic one. It has an extra thickness of 1/4 inches. This makes it easier for the ones who find practicing yoga or performing other exercises tough on their joints.

The extra thickness makes it comfortable for you to exercise for long hours without facing any discomfort. Whether you are planning on doing hot yoga or any other heat practices, you no longer have to worry about facing any issues with the gripping power of your Yoga mat.

This mat has a surface designed with non-slip feature that gives you the free will to perform any kind of exercises you would want to.

These mats comes in various beautiful and attractive colors such as teal, gray, pink, etc. One of the best features of this mat is that it is not only best for you but also best for the environment.

It is free from all the toxic chemicals such as DPB, DNP, etc and other products that the other brands use to make their yoga mats. The mat also comes with a sling as a carrier for you. It is pretty simple to use. You can easily role your mat, then with the use of the sling, carry it to your destination.

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Toplus Pro Yoga Mat Review


This particular Toplus Yoga Mat is just fabulous in all its aspects. It has an Anti-Skid feature and also has double anti-tear layer. This makes the mat suitable for use even on wooden surfaces.

Many of the mats available on the market tear off or get spoiled if used on wooden surfaces/cement floors. The thickness too is just ideal to prevent your knees or any joint from getting injured.

It feels like a comfy cushion under your body that enhances your spirit to exercise more. This mat is very long lasting. It doesn’t even weight more than 35oz.

It is made of high quality TPE material and is completely eco-friendly. Even if you think about comparing this mat with the other sport mats in the market, it is still a better option. Cleaning it up too is very simple. You could make use of a damp cloth and some soap water if required and it will be clean within minutes.

Make sure you dry it flat for it to be ready to use as quickly as possible. Apart from all this, the mat comes along with a mat strap and warranty for a whole year. So there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

Even if you find the quality of the mat not meeting your requirements, you could ask for a refund and your request will be catered to.

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So these were few of the best mats you could surely think of giving a try. Whether you are XL or XXL, it doesn’t matter. Your size shouldn’t be a barrier to what your heart desires. If you wish to exercise, then go for it.

Buy any on these mats and you won’t be disappointed. You could also gift it to any of your fitness freak buddies, I’m sure they’ll really like it!