The Best Insoles For Overweight Adults

When you are overweight or heavy, your feet get tired fast. This is because a lot of pressure is on the feet. 

This can also cause your heels, balls of your feet, and ankles to hurt. When your feet hurt, no matter how motivated you are, exercising gets difficult. 

To solve this issue, using insoles in your shoes is a great option. 

Best Insoles for Overweight Adults Reviews

Let’s check the best insoles for overweight adults on the market today. 

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx


Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx shoe insert is made up of polyester from the inside. The outer material is leather. These insoles help in preventing and alleviating foot pain.  

The polyester fabric keeps your feet dry. The unique design of the heel fits in snugly. The angled heel provides extra stability and comfort. The extra foam gives perfect cushioning and a soft feel to your feet.

The mesh design on the top layer has a unique design. With every step you take, it promotes a massage feeling. Also, the regular airflow maintains good hygiene for the feet.

Trimming is not required for the Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx shoe insert. It fits in all types of shoes like work shoes, casual or gym shoes.  You just have to transfer this shoe insert from one pair of your shoe to another one. And you are good to go.

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx is highly recommended by podiatrists. Knee pain, foot and ankle pain, calluses, Plantar Fasciitis, hammertoes, etc are some of the cases in which these shoe inserts are highly recommended.

These shoe inserts come in two styles. Pinnacle Maxx Breeze and Pinnacle Maxx Orthotic Insole are the two styles. They also come in a variety of sizes to fit your feet perfectly. It can be used by both men and women.

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Powerstep Thin Arch Support Shoe Orthotic Inserts


Powerstep’s shoe inserts come in ¾ length. This offers excellent comfort for the feet. With less depth near the toes, these inserts provide more stability and support at the back of the feet.

The top layer fabric promotes extra cushioning to the feet. The free air flow keeps the feet dry and safe. The flat heel provides extra safety and comfort. The inner shell is firm to provide stability and it is also flexible enough to fit snugly on your feet.

Powerstep shoe inserts can be used in a variety of shoe types. Be it casual, work, or athletic shoes, these inserts can be used in any of them. This orthotic reduces pressure on the foot. You can enjoy your whole day on foot while you work. Any activity that needs you to be on your feet for the most part of the day will not be painful or uncomfortable anymore.

This orthotic can be used for all-day support to feet. It helps in relieving pain from plantar fasciitis, pain related to the knee, ankle, foot, calluses, etc. This also helps in relieving pain from sore or aching feet. This shoe insert is the solution to all your feet and heel-related worries.

Powerstep shoe inserts can be used by both men and women. It comes in various sizes so you can select the right size that fits you.  It is made in the USA.

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Dr. Scholl's Heavy Duty Support Pain Relief Orthotics


Dr. Scholl’s orthotic is for men who weigh over 200 pounds and have feet or back-related pain. The unique technology distributes weight evenly and thus reduces the impact on the knee and feet. The insole is sturdy and gives extra stability to your feet.

This orthotic can be used with all shoe types. You can trim it as per your foot size and insert it in casual, work, or athletic shoes. It is comfortable to use and helps in reducing muscle fatigue. It also helps in lowering low back pain due to standing on feet for a prolonged period.

The fabric keeps your feet dry and safe. The air movement reduces friction and impact on feet. The unique design of Dr. Scholl’s orthotic prevents the crowding of toes. It helps in preventing foot and leg fatigue.

Dr. Scholl’s orthotic is available in sizes 8-14. In the heel area, it has a deep cup to fit snugly on your feet. This also provides motion control with every step that you take.

Knee pain, sore heel, back pain, or any discomfort due to being on your feet will be alleviated by Dr. Scholl’s pain relief orthotic insoles. Even if there is no serious pain you can use this orthotic in your daily life for more comfortable walking and in general being on your feet for a longer period of time.

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ProFoot Orthotic Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain


Profoot orthotic insoles are the answer to all your heel, knee, ankle, or any foot-related problems, especially plantar fasciitis. It fits snugly on the heel region and is comfortable to use. The firm arch provides extra comfort to the feet.

They are lightweight compared to other insoles available on the market. This feature helps in reducing leg and muscle fatigue.

This covers the entire area of the plantar fascia. Because of it the heel pain and stress on the feet reduces. The inner area of the insole is filled with Gel. The gel part absorbs shock with every step you take. It also cradles the soft and tender feet area.

These insoles can be used with all shoe types. Be it casual shoes, work, or gym shoes, it can be inserted in any of them. These orthotics help in lowering the pain in the heel after standing on feet for the most part of the day. These can also be used during trekking, jogging, indoor or outdoor exercise. It can be also used just for normal walking to avoid pain in the knee, heel, or ankle region.

Profoot orthotic insoles are specially made for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. The insoles help in reducing the itching, aching or burning sensation caused especially due to plantar fasciitis.

The material of fabric absorbs moisture on the feet. This in turn helps in keeping feet dry and hygienic. Also, this provides extra cushioning to sensitive feet.

These insoles are available in pale gray color.

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Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles for Men and Women Shoe Inserts


Easy feet insoles are made up of polyurea material. This has a U cup that fits on your heel perfectly. Also, it offers great arch support that helps in improving the overall body posture.

The top cover has a soft and silky feel to reduce friction on the feet. The gel and air capsules are provided inside the Easyfeet insoles. This gives cushioning feel whole day long to your feet. 

The material also absorbs moisture and thus keeps your feet dry and safe. As the moisture gets absorbed, there is no lingering bad odor. Your feet will feel fresh and dry the entire day.

The Easyfeet insoles can be used with all shoe types. These insoles can be trimmed to fit your shoe size.   You can use these inserts with casual, athletic, work, or sports shoes. 

Normal walking, trekking, any sports activity, or any job that demands a whole day being on feet will be less painful and more enjoyable with Easyfeet insoles.

Easy feet insoles help in reducing knee pain, ankle pain, and heel pain. It evenly distributes the bodyweight on the foot region. This in turn minimizes leg and muscle fatigue. These insoles prevent corns and reduce friction on the heel. They are also helpful for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. 

These insoles can be used by men and women of any age group.

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Having strong and comfortable insoles is very necessary when you plan to exercise and you are overweight. If you have Planter Fasciitis or any other related issue, using insoles in your walking shoes or running shoes is of utmost importance.