Plus Size Winter Running Pants

When you are running in winter and are overweight, it is very important that your running pants are high-quality, keep you warm and comfortable and yet can allow your body to breathe. 

When your clothes are comfortable, you will enjoy your running experience and lose weight. 

Plus Size Winter Running Pants Reviews

Let’s check the best plus size winter running pants on the market today. 

Leggings Depot Sweatpants Review


Sweatpants by Leggings Depot are one of the softest and velvety smooth fabrics that you can ever imagine. The fabric is extremely light weight and comfortable.

These pants are extremely skin friendly and breathable. It allows free movement of air and thus keeps skin dry and fresh whole day. You will not experience any scratching or itching sensation with this soft fabric.

Leggings Depot pants for women have two side pockets and one hidden pocket to safely keep your phone, money, wallet, keys etc.

The interlock stitching imparts durability to these women’s pants.

These women’s pants are ideal for jogging, cycling, yoga practice, exercise, etc. The pants are extremely comfortable for any kind of stretching or outdoor activities. As the name rightly suggests, you get feeling of leggings with comfort of sweatpants.

Leggings Depot pants keep you warm in cold climate and keep you cool in hot climate. Hence these pants can be worn in any kind of weather conditions.

The pants are stretchable in all four directions to give you ultimate comfort level and freedom of movement for legs. The fabric is stretchable; hence there is no strain on legs even if you are doing any kind of rigorous activity.

Women’s jogger pants by Leggings Depot are available in various sizes and too many colors to choose from.

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Just My Size Capri Review


Capri by Just My Size is made up of 12% spandex and 88% polyester. This makes the Capri very light weight and comfortable to wear.

The fabric absorbs moisture and keeps skin dry and fresh. The sweat and other moisture particles are kept away from skin. Hence there is no bad odor and you feel cool all day long in this Capri.

The waist band has nice stretchable elastic that fits perfectly around waist. There is no drawstring closure, but waistband is wide enough and fits correctly.

These pants are ideal for women with larger hips. These Capri fit correctly and do not cause any restriction in movements. The pants do not slip down or keep sagging down. They stay where they are supposed to stay.

The fabric is easy to wash. You can either hand wash as well as ideal for machine wash also. Just throw in with your regular load and forget it. It dries up easily, hence ideal for any weather conditions.

The soft and light weight Capri is ideal wear for exercise, gardening, walking or just casual wear.

Just My Size as name suggests is just perfect size for any waist size. There are different sizes available to choose as per your waist size. There are 2 colors provided to choose from namely Black and Granite Heather.

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Ododos Yoga Pants Review


Made with 13% spandex and 87% polyester, Ododos pants are high waist pants designed especially for rigorous workouts.

These soft and comfortable pants have elastic closure in waist area. The stretchable elastic is soft on skin but holds firmly. There is no sagging down or pulling down as elastic holds up the pants perfectly.

The fabric has moisture wicking quality that prevents sweat particle to accumulate around skin. It quickly absorbs any moisture and keeps skin dry and cool whole day long.

Ododos pants have two side pockets. These pockets are big enough to hold essential items like mobile phone, keys, wallet, etc. These small but important things can easily be with you during outing or workout.

These comfortable high waist pants are ideal wear for exercise, hiking, running, walking, gym training, etc. These can also be used as tummy control wear or butt lift. The casual wear can also be easily pulled in these light weight pants.

The fabric is easy to wash and can dry within few hours. Hence this can even be used in rainy or stormy weather.

Ododos women’s high waist pants are available in various sizes and colors for you to choose from.

The best part is company provides full money back guarantee if product is not as per expectation.

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Full Soft Women’s Leggings Review


Full soft women’s leggings are made up of 8% spandex and 92% polyester. The fabric is stretchable in all four directions; hence ideal wear for any kind of high movement activities. The buttery soft fabric is something that one cannot have enough of.

These high waist leggings fit perfectly around your waist and can also act as tummy control. The fabric covers all that extra bulging fat and gives slim look around the hip area. These pants can be combined with sports bra, t-shirt, tank top etc to get that trendy look.

The high waist pants are designed with fabric that is non see through. Hence no more awkward moments during working out or playing any sports. You can totally concentrate on your work out without being conscious.

Full soft women’s leggings are four way stretchable. This feature allows restriction free movement during work out or any sports activity. The fabric prevents any friction with skin and gives enjoyable experience that you are looking for.

This pack of 3 women’s stretchable pants can be used during Yoga practice, running, walking, squatting, gym training, etc. Full soft pants are ideal for casual wear as well.

The pants can be easily machine washed and easy to dry within few hours. Full soft women’s leggings are available in various sizes and colors to choose from.

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Fengbay Yoga Pants Review


Fengbay high waist pants are available in a combo of 2 pants. The fabric is elastic in nature and four ways stretchable. This helps in free movement and no constraint during work out. This also prevents friction and rashes on screen as fabric is soft on skin and moves freely.

The fabric also covers abdomen area correctly and hides extra fat. Thus these pants can also act as tummy control. You can enjoy the slim look and boost your self confidence.

Fengbay high waist pants have one inner pocket and two side pockets. The pockets are deep enough to hold essentials like keys, money, mobile phone, etc.

The fabric of Fengbay pants has moisture wicking quality. This ensures sweat or any moisture molecules stay away from skin. This keeps skin odor free, bacteria free and prevents rashes. 

The velvety soft Fengbay pants are non see through.  Thus the pants are ideal wear for yoga, gym training, sports practice, running, walking, squatting, weight lifting, etc. This can also be used as casual wear.

These high waist pants for women are easy to machine wash and dry. The moisture wicking feature helps in drying process and fabric dries by within few hours. Hence the pants are ideal wear for any weather conditions.

Fengbay pants are available in various sizes and colors. Also the company provides 30 days money back guarantee. You can also check our article on the Best Recliner Chair For Overweight Person.

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Overall, Leggings Depot Sweatpants are the best winter running sweatpants on the market. They are extremely light weight and comfortable. The Ododos Yoga Pants are great for rigorous workouts and the Full Soft Women’s Leggings are perfect for any kind of high movement activities.