Best Plus Size Running Gear for Running on Trails

Running on trails is a sporting practice mixing running and walking “on an unpaved surface” where steep gradients exist. It is like both mountain and fell running (also called as hill running). But it may have asphalt parts for the mountain running. 

Trail running typically happens in mild climates or on decent roads, or on relatively easy paths that do not generally require large levels of uphill or the need to walk normally in fell running. 

Contrary to road running, it normally goes on hiking trails, mostly on rocky terrain, where the ascents and descents can be even higher. If you are overweight and love the outdoors, then running on trails is perfect for you. 

Below some of the best running gear for running on trails is reviewed. Hope you find the best match for you.

Best Plus Size Running Gear for Running on Trails Reviews

Let’s check the best plus size running gear for running on trails on the market today. 

Zeropes Anti Blister Running Socks Review


Zeropes anti-blister no show running socks offers a comfortable and enjoyable running experience. These running socks are made up of polyester – polypropylene material.

The four different types of mesh in these socks ensure the skin is always dry and cool. Zeropes anti-blister socks can be used in any weather conditions. The socks fit perfectly on your feet as they have large arch support and heel tab.

The mesh design of socks material ensures constant airflow. This keeps the skin moisture free. The fabric is very light weight and soft on skin. After washing these socks dry up very quickly.

The medium padding material of socks prevents friction on your heels while running or exercising. This in turn prevents blisters and other feet problems which are common complaints amongst runners. It also provides soft and cushiony feeling on feet.

Zeropes anti-blister no show running socks can be used during exercise, jogging or by athletics. These can be worn with any type of footwear as these running socks come in no-show length.

The socks are designed for men, women and children of all age group. There are various colors and patterns to choose from. The socks are available in small to double extra large (XXL) size. You can select the size that best fits your feet by referring to size chart provided.

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Nathan Hydration Running Belt Trail Mix Review


The Nathan Hydration Running Belt is a great essential for the fitness freaks especially if you plan to run on trails. It is very popular among people who are health conscious and frequently on the run. It is comfortable and easy to use. 

The belt fits two bottles each 300 ml and can help you be hydrated throughout your exercise. The bottles are equipped with push-pull caps for convenient usage. 

You can also use one bottle for water and the other for the vitamins and proteins. It doesn’t feel heavy and stays put once worn properly.

The belt can be fitted according to one’s size and doesn’t shift or move once adjusted. It can be used by teenagers that are focused on their workout to elderly people that love their morning/night walks. It is a unisex product, therefore suits both men and women.

The belt has a huge pocket to stock in essential products. It can hold phone up to iPhone7Plus. It can carry wallets, house and car keys, protein bars, etc which gives you the freedom to exercise and run on freely. It has an external shock cord. It is available is various colors, styles and sizes so as to match your personality.

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YAMAY Smart Watch Review


YAMAY Smart Watch is definitely more than a simple watch used to keep track of time. This watch makes use of new-battery technology. The battery cell type is Lithium Polymer. It gets fully charged in two hours and can be used for 7-10 days. It’s made of metal structure and also has a easy to use belt with it.

You can continue to wear this watch amongst your daily routine of washing hands or even utensils or swimming as it is waterproof. It weighs 5.6 ounces. Basically this watch is good for everyone, whether you are a fitness freak or otherwise. It supports stopwatch function to optimize your training and workout. It fully takes care of your health regime.

It monitors your heart rate throughout the day. It keeps a check on your sleep pattern and quality. It automatically monitors stages of sleep; such as light sleep, deep sleep, etc. The vibration mode on alarm makes sure you awake without disturbing others sleep. 

The sedentary timer option reminds you to take regular breaks in the midst of busy schedule of work. It has 13 sports modes, which enables you to check your exercise time, heart rate, distance, steps, calories, etc.

This comfortable and stylish watch is available for both men and women. Customized watches are available too.

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Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick Review


Tiger-Tail was the first company to introduce this hand-held massage roller. Today, it is easily available in top training rooms all over the country. It is designed in such a way that even while holding its grip, your fingers don’t experience pain. The reason being the maker was constantly thinking about the comfort and safety of the user.

Any new activity or exercise can bring about terrible pain in your body. This can be effectively relieved by using the Tiger Tail Massage stick. It is known to massage your body and release the tension in the muscle parts. 

Be it back pain, muscle cramps or joint pain, the deep massage provided by the product will give you instant relief. You will be back on your toes feeling comfortable and relieved faster.

The product is equally helpful to everyone, irrespective of whether you are a serious athlete or a lay person. It is known to prevent injuries and provide quick recovery. 

Therefore, it can be trusted upon, especially when you are on the go and need quick results. However, before beginning any therapy, doctor’s advice should be taken.

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GU Energy Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel Review


GU Original Sports Nutrition Gel is in the market since 1993. It all began with Dr Bill Vaughn who introduced it to help his daughter. His intention was solely that she performs well in marathons. 

From then on, there has been no turning back. It has successfully marched forward to help other athletes ever since. This makes it a great product for running on trails.

Over the years there has been gradual transformation in their products. This however, has not affected their credibility. Their energy drinks are meant to help athletes who want to run longer without getting tired too soon. 

Long runs tend to make you lose lot of sweat which is replenished by sodium. Each pack consists of 50-125mg of sodium.

They are available in packs of various flavors to suit your taste buds. Caffeine is also introduced in some flavors as it has proved to increase their concentration level. 

A pack consisting of 100 calories gives you the energy to do your best when on the track. Any activity, be it a race or a training session, you need to take just one five minutes prior to your session. It needs to be repeated after a gap of 45 minutes. It contains 21-23g carbs per serving.

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All the products reviewed in this article are suitable for you for trail running. The Zeropes Anti Blister Running Socks have an excellent fit and come in various colors and sizes. 

They dry quickly after washing. The Nathan Hydration Running Belt Trail Mix is easy to use and stylish. It is also easily adjustable and very convenient. 

The YAMAY Smart Watch has a touchscreen with brightness control. It is water-proof and has a long battery life. The Original Tiger Tail Massage Stick is handy and portable. It relieves pain quickly and is very user friendly. 

The GU Energy Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel is available in a variety of flavors. It is easy to use and gives you instant energy.

If you are looking to shed extra pounds then running on trails is a good option. It is fun too. 

You can choose any of these running gear based on your requirements for trail running. They will not disappoint you, that is for sure.