Best Plus Size High Waisted Leggings

Legging is one clothing item that almost every woman owns. But to get your hands on the correct size, fabric and color is something that not everyone gets to achieve.

The search for right legging if you are plus sized ends here. Let’s check the Top 5 plus sized leggings on the market.

Best Plus Size High Waisted Leggings Reviews

Let’s check the best plus size high waist leggings on the market today. 

SATINA High Waisted Leggings Review


The Satina high waist leggings are super soft and comfortable on your skin. They fit on any body type with ease.

Satina leggings are available in multi range of colors that can go with any kind of top/dress. The fabric is opaque hence you can be assured that the Satina legging has you covered. Literally!!

Being high waist legging, these do not keep sagging down. These leggings stay where they are supposed to stay while you go about your day.

You can combine Satina leggings with any dress or they can be worn with any casual attire. They are a perfect partner for yoga or gymnastics.

Satina leggings come in 2 sizes. One Size is for ladies who normally wear size small to Large. One Size Plus is for ladies who prefer Extra Large to Triple Excel.  

One more reason to choose Satina Leggings is that these are easy to wash and maintain. These can be hand washed or machine washed as well.

Comfortable to wear, super stretchy, easy on pockets, hassle free to wash and maintain. What more can you ask for!!

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Shapermint High Waisted Compression Leggings Review


Shapermint is super comfortable shapewear cum leggings made up of 10% Spandex and 90% Nylon material.

These are high waist leggings that fit perfectly on any body shape and size. The size range is Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, 3XL and 4XL.

Shapermint leggings can be used for casual wear, practicing yoga or gym exercises, office wear as well as for party wear. These leggings are very breathable and very soft on the skin. 

The leggings are super stretchy and you can feel the difference between Shapermint qualities compared to other ordinary leggings.

These leggings act as shapewear as well. Hence these are really helpful if you are looking to lose that extra tummy or wanting to burn that extra fat post child birth. The leggings easily cover the extra fat and you will feel more comfortable. These cover waist, tummy and back completely.

These leggings do not keep sagging or pulling down. The anti slip silicone strip ensures the leggings stay perfectly on the waist and does not keep slipping.

They are lightweight and opaque. You need not worry about the fabric being see through.

The wash and maintenance of the fabric is very easy. You can hand wash or machine wash. Kindly air-dry the leggings instead of machine drier, for it to last longer period.

You can comfortably wear Shapermint leggings and go about your day.

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Paser Leggings for Women Review


Butt lift legging fabric is a type of leggings that fits perfectly on any type of body shape and size. It covers your tummy and specially butt even if you are on the larger size. The extra body fat fits easily in the leggings and you get to see a perfect body shape.

The fabric of these leggings is very breathable and does not choke the skin or give rashes. The fabric allows free movement of air; hence the skin can breathe freely. This keeps your skin dry and hygienic.

Paser leggings for butt lift are super stretchy fabric material. It fits perfectly on your curves and makes you feel more confident.

These leggings can be paired with blouse, crop top or t-shirts. Also these are best companion for you in the gym. Daily exercise or running or squatting will not be uncomfortable. You can do any kind of exercise or movements.  

These leggings do not keep sagging. You can run miles comfortably without any complain of the leggings pulling down. These butt lift leggings stay fit on your waist and stay there. 

Other than being comfortable to wear and sexy to look, these butt lift leggings are super easy to wash. It can be washed in machine and dries up very easily.

The butt lift leggings are available in 5 sizes namely Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. Also there is wide range of colors to choose as per your preference.

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Queerier Women's Yoga Pants Review


Queerier high waist leggings are made up of 23% Spandex and 77% Nylon. The fabric material is very elastic in nature. The four way stretchable feature ensures stitches do not come out under pressure. Hence any exercise or movement is very comfortable with these leggings.

These leggings cum yoga pants can be used during gym training and exercises. Also these are designed as sportswear. Be it for basketball, hockey, baseball or tennis; you can wear it during any sports training. You can also use these leggings with casual dress.

The fabric is very fast drying and moisture absorbing. This ensures no sweat collection or itching on skin. It quickly absorbs any sweat droplets and keeps skin dry and hygienic. 

These leggings are very light weight. You will not feel fatigue or heaviness while wearing this soft material. These leggings fit perfectly on your back and front. 

Queerier leggings cum yoga pants are specially designed in crossed front waist. This means it fits on your lower abdominal muscle and lower back without feeling tight on skin. 

The cross front design has one more benefit. It prevents sagging or pull down of the leggings during work out or running. They stay where they are supposed to stay.

The cloth is opaque. Hence you can be assured there will be no issue of see-through during exercise or playing sports. 

Queerier leggings are available in different sizes and 3 colors namely Black, Grey Blue and Sea Blue.

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Women Sauna Pants Review


Sauna pants are made up of 20% Nylon and 80% Premium Neoprene. These sauna pants are specially designed to help you sweat more and lose more weight.

These yoga pants are to be used during work out, yoga, cycling, hiking, jogging, etc. These can be also be used during postpartum tummy reduction training.

These pants increases the temperature of body and makes you sweat three times more. The more you sweat, the more fat burns and faster you are on your way to gaining your targeted body weight and shape.

Yoga Capris are ideal slim wear outfits for people looking for weight loss. These pants compress your tummy and burn belly fat. It helps slim the thighs by burning cellulite. Thus overall body temperature increases and you sweat more. All this leads to you losing weight faster.

These High Waist pants have a zipper in front. This makes wearing and removing the pants very easy. Also it has zipper stickers that prevents skin getting scratched by zipper.  

Even though the sauna pants make you sweat, but sweat droplets do not remain on skin. The fabric absorbs all sweat and keeps skin dry and hygienic.  

The velcro wool ensures perfect fit on any body type.

You can immediately order this and achieve that hourglass figure that you have been dreaming of!!

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As you can see, there are many excellent high-waisted leggings that will help you to exercise well without having the risk of the leggings dropping while you exercise

All the leggings are of high-quality, durable and are perfect if you are plus sized. 

If you’re looking for a new pair of leggings, we recommend the above list.