Best Plus-size Running Leggings Reviews

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There isn’t much difference between leggings and tights. Both are skin-hugging garments that cover the legs. The only difference is the thickness of the fabric used. Tights are sheer as compared to leggings.

The main advantage of leggings is that since it is figure-hugging, it tends to hide the bulges if any. The high waistband tugs at your tummy, and you appear lean. 

You can wear leggings while you exercise. It gives you maximum stretch and flexibility. The leggings don’t cause any hindrance while you run or exercise.

Best Plus-size Running Leggings Reviews

Let’s check the best plus-size running leggings on the market today.

Ododos Leggings for Plus Size Women Review


Ododos is famous for its yoga pants. They have a wide variety of leggings. The style, design, and comfort are what make them stand apart from the rest of their competitors. 

High rise leggings are an excellent product for running, especially for plus-size people. The high rise wide band gives support to the tummy and holds it in place.

The fabric is available in a combination of polyester and spandex, and nylon and spandex. The imported high-quality material used helps to remove moisture and keep you dry and comfortable. 

The fabric has a four-way stretch; this enables you to move freely and perform better. On the waist, it has an elastic closure. The elastic is soft and doesn’t cause any chafing. 

The high waist gives maximum support to the belly. You won’t see a muffin top, and you can easily bend and stretch without worries.

It is a non-see through the fabric; hence you can use it regularly during workouts and for regular outings. The leggings have 2 side pockets. It is large enough to keep your belongings safe and secure. 

It is available in many shades for you to choose from. It is available in 1XL to the 3XL range. The Ododos leggings are contoured to fit your body shape and give it a streamlined look.

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QYQ High Waist Legging for Running for Plus-size Women Review


QYQ brings to you super soft buttery leggings. You will not have seen or touched anything as soft and smooth as the QYQ leggings. 

The materials used for fabric is 92% polyester and 8% spandex. The high quality and 210 gsm thickness of the material used makes all the difference.

The high waist fitting for plus-size is firm. It doesn’t cause any slippage. The high waist gives a comfortable yet structured fit. No more muffin top waist. 

The fabric can effectively soak moisture to keep you comfortable. The four-way stretch makes the leggings super flexibility and you can stretch and exercise without worries.

The leggings are full-sized and reach till your ankles. The fabric doesn’t get see-through after stretching. Hence you can wear it confidently for workouts and regular outings. 

The availability of various colors is an add-on. You can choose the color best suited for your personality.

The legging comes with a hidden pocket in the waistband. Here you can secure your small belongings. It can be a great, gifting option.

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Heathyoga Running Leggings for Plus-size Women Review


Heathyoga is made of 77% polyester and 23% spandex. It is ultra-soft, and it feels like a second skin. The moisture-wicking ability does wonders to keep you dry and cool. The four-way stretch fabric gives you maximum flexibility and a wide range of movement. The broad waistband gives complete coverage without the risk of exposure.

The high waist helps to control the belly. So at the waist, you will have a perfect body contour. The entire body shape is so streamlined that you can use it as a shaper too. 

The fabric is thick, and hence there is no chance of the legging being see-through. It is available in large, 1XL, 2XL, and 3XL sizes. You can also choose the colors of your choice.

Another feature of Heathyoga leggings is the presence of multiple hidden pockets. You have two side pockets and one inner waistband pocket. The gusseted crotch design helps you to move freely. 

The interlocking seam reduces irritation, and the skin doesn’t get chaffed. The material is durable and easy to maintain. You can machine wash it without affecting the shape or fit of the leggings.

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The leggings are nowadays an active part of our wardrobe. It can be used during a workout session and also with regular clothes. The versatility of the clothing piece is what makes it so famous. You can also check our Best Plus-size Running Bra Reviews.

The leggings are made from polyester and spandex or nylon combination. All the above leggings have breathable material that can keep moisture at bay and make you feel dry and comfortable during your run.

The variety of color options is available. The waistband is wide and high rises. It gives excellent fit and comfort on the waist. 

Be it Ododos, QYQ, or Heathyoga, the fit and style are the same except for the difference in fabric texture and the number of pockets.

QYQ has a buttery smooth and soft texture. Heathyoga leggings have the maximum number of pockets, and Ododos leggings have the maximum number of colors to offer. 

So depending upon the size and the fit, you can choose leggings from any of these companies. 

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