Best Hiking Shoes for Overweight Women and Men

Hiking is one of the best exercises when you are overweight. You can hike at a slow pace so you won’t get exhausted quickly. You can also make sure that you pace yourself. 

When you go hiking, it is very important to wear the right hiking shoes. When you have the right shoes, it elevates your performance as well. 

Aching joints and knees are an issue for plus sized men and women, Using good hiking shoes can reduce the strain on your knees and joints. 

Best Hiking Shoes Reviews

Let’s check the best hiking books for overweight men and women on the market today. 

New Balance Women's 928v3 Walking Shoe Review


Designed for women travelers and hiking enthusiasts, the Columbia Newton Ridge boots are made up of leather and mesh. These boots are waterproof and sturdy in nature.

The mesh allows free movement of air, and thus skin feels breathable and fresh. These hiking boots are lightweight and super comfortable.

The sole is made up of rubber and is very supportive. It has high cushioning and gives a better energy return compared to ordinary hiking boots.

The outer sole is uniquely designed to support any kind of surface and prevent slipping. The leather material prevents damage from external bruises and scratches while you go about hiking.

Columbia Newton Ridge Boot for women has adjustable lace closure from perfect fitting and sturdy look.  The mesh tongue also is soft on the skin and allows free airflow so as not to suffocate the skin.

Newton Ridge Boots are ideal for jogging, hiking, mountaineering, etc. These sturdy boots can be used in any climate condition and on any surface like rocks, ice, snow, grass, roots, etc.

These hiking boots for women are designed to be tough for external conditions, along with a stylish feminine look to go with your personality.

Columbia Newton Ridge Boots for women are available in various colors and sizes to choose from. Just grab this masterpiece!!

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ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Running shoes for Men Review


Gel-Venture 7 running shoes for men by ASICS are specially designed to be used in the harsh climate and on rough terrain.

The use of synthetic leather and mesh makes it lightweight and durable. The rear end of shoes uses Gel technology that provides extra cushioning. This absorbs any kind of shock when walking or running on rocky surfaces.

The Ortholite sockliner provides extra cushioning to your feet. The sockliner is removable, which is helpful if you want to add any medically recommended orthotic. This sockliner takes the shape of your feet and thus fits perfectly; hence every stride feels effortless.

 The outer sole of Gel-Venture 7 shoes for men is made up of High Abrasion Rubber. This high-quality rubber is sturdy and lasts longer even after continuous use on uneven surfaces.

The lace closure is provided for a personalized fitting. The mesh design ensures there is no suffocation or sweat on your skin. The skin stays dry and fresh always due to its unique mesh design.

These running shoes can be used for jogging, mountaineering, hiking, gym training, travel, etc.

Men’s Gel-Venture 7 shoes for men are available in various colors and sizes to select as per your preference. Just order these stylish and sturdy shoes if comfort and durability are what you are looking for.

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Foxelli Women’s Boots Review


Women’s hiking boots by Foxelli are made up of mesh and suede leather. The outer layer has a waterproof membrane by Kingtex that prevents any moisture from reaching the skin.

The mesh and gusseted tongue maintain free airflow that keeps your feet fresh and dry. It also provides extra cushioning for the feet and is soft on the skin.

The midsoles of Foxelli’s women hiking boots absorb maximum shock, and there is hardly any impact on the joints of the foot. Innersoles are removable and have soft foam that gives cushioning layer around the feet.

The outer sole is made up of tough rubber that can withstand any kind of surface or weather conditions.  You can stop worrying about slippery terrain or muddy pathway. These lightweight boots provide the best ankle and arch support. The grip of shoes is perfect on any terrain. Just go about hiking on any kind of surface; Foxelli has got your back.

Foxelli women’s boots can be used for jogging, traveling, hiking, rock climbing, valley-trekking, or just for casual wear. These boots are stylish as well as comfortable.

You get to choose from three brilliant colors along with two pairs of colorful shoelaces that are included with each pair of shoes.

There are 30 days money-back guarantee if these boots are not as per your liking or preference and also has one year warranty if there is any defect.

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Skechers Sneakers for Men Review


Skechers sneakers are made up of mesh and leather. This makes the sneakers very lightweight and breathable. The memory foam provides softness and cushioning around the feet.

The padded tongue provides extra cushioning. The mesh design allows free air movement. This prevents skin from feeling suffocated or sweaty. Free airflow keeps feet dry and clean. The mesh keeps moisture away from the skin.

The heel of Skechers sneakers is around 2 inches. This gives good bounce and makes comfortable strides.

The outer sole is made up of Article-Lyte rubber that gives excellent grip. It extends comfort level while walking on any kind of surface.  It absorbs any kind of shock on joints and gives better arch support.

The lace closure is provided for a personalized fitting. These men’s shoes are ideal for travel, gym training, or running. You can also use it for casual wear.  

Skechers brand is famous for designing lifestyle footwear that promotes comfort and durability along with the stylish look that speaks volumes about your rich choice.

Men’s sneakers designed by Skechers give you a wide choice of colors to choose from. Pick the color as per your choice, and a size chart is included to pick the correct size as per the shape of your feet.

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Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer Review


Air Monarch IV Men’s sneakers by Nike have been designed with an outer rubber sole that provides excellent grip on any kind of surface. The sole is tough and can withstand any kind of climate.

This example of fine craftsmanship is made up of synthetic and leather. The leather on the outer surface imparts durability to these sneakers. The midsole has very lightweight foam that provides cushioning and comfort with every step you take.

Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer sneakers can be used for travel, gym training, yoga practice, etc. They can also be pulled up as casual wear and a normal morning walk.  

Nike men’s sneakers are so lightweight that each stride is without any effort.  Even if your job demands you to be on your feet for long hours, you will not feel a heavy foot or tired legs.

  These men’s sneakers are made with fine details to air movement. The perforation ensures there is constant airflow that removes any bad odor. It keeps the moisture away and keeps feet dry.

Nike Air Monarch IV sneakers are skin-friendly and comfortable on the entire feet area. They provide perfect arch support, which helps in improving overall body posture.

The extra soft tongue provides cushioning from the top. Strong lace ensures the correct fitting of shoes on your feet from all sides.

The sneakers can be easily cleaned with just wet cloth wiping. These sneakers are available in various colors to choose from.

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Finding the perfect shoe for hiking when you are plus sized is a challenge. 

That is why we hope that our above review has helped you to decide on the best one for you. 

All the shoes reviewed above are strong and comfortable. You can also check our review on the best plus sized hiking pants

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