Best Mattress for Overweight People

Sleeping on a comfortable mattress is very important for your health and for you to get good sleep. Having the best mattress when you are overweight helps especially if you are planning to exercise or run

We have reviewed below the best mattresses for overweight people on the market which will help you get a good night’s sleep and relax your body. 

Best Mattress For Overweight People Reviews

Let’s check the best mattress for overweight people on the market today. 

Sweet Night Mattress Review


Sweet Night Queen size mattress is here to give you the most comfortable sleep that you want to experience.

No more too soft or too firm mattress that gives you back pain or body pain. Whatever be your body weight, the Sweet Night mattress can support it. It helps in relieving the pressure and ensures you get sound sleep.

Sweet Night mattress is overall 12 inches in thickness. It has 3 inches of Gel-infused memory foam. It gives a soft touch to your skin. The second layer is 3.5 inches foam that allows free airflow. It keeps moisture and sweat particles away from the skin. Thus skin feels fresh and breathable always. The support base is of 5.5 inches high-density foam.

The top cover keeps heat away from the mattress so you can always feel cool and comfortable. The high-density foam provides the correct support to the entire body. It does not create any squeaky noise during movement and also prevents rolling off in sleep.

Sweet Night Queen-sized mattress is ideal for any kind of sleeper. Sound sleeper, Light sleeper, back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, etc.; whatever be your alignment during sleep, Sweet Night mattress supports it.

This memory foam mattress comes in shrink wrap packaging. After opening the mattress, allow up to 72 hours, so this mattress can come to its correct full size.

Sweet Night mattress is certified by CertiPUR –the US.

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Classic Mattress Review


A luxurious mattress designed by Classic is proven to give you a peaceful sleep experience that you can boast of. With memory foam made up of Cool gel, it gives you desired comfort while perfectly aligning the body even during deep sleep.

12-inch Classic Mattress is made up of 3 layers.  The bottom-most layer is high-density foam to give the correct support to the body.

The middle layer is made up of an open cell that maintains constant airflow. Also, it keeps moisture and the heat away from you. This ensures you get a sweat-free and cool environment during sleep.

The upper layer is made up of Gel-infused memory foam. It perfectly aligns with your sleeping posture and minimizes pressure points. The memory foam reshapes as per your body weight and sleeping positions. This gives the maximum comfort level possible during sleep.

Memory foam is porous in nature. This ensures more air ventilation, and skin feels fresh and breathable.  Also, it keeps dust mites, bacteria, mold, and other allergens away, as the foam is hypoallergenic.

Classic Mattress Gel memory foam has been independently tested and certified by CertiPUR –the US.

No more body pain, neck sprain, or back pain when you wake up in the morning. Just enjoy the sound and comfortable sleep with a Classic Gel memory foam mattress.  

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Olee Sleep Galaxy Mattress Review


Olee sleep mattress is made up of polyester material that gives a soft feel to your skin.

The mattress has heavy steel coils that ensure durability and desired comfort. The steel coils align as per your body weight and minimize pressure points. The steel coils are surrounded by gel-based memory foam that fits as per your body shape and helps achieve sound sleep.

One more unique feature of steel coils is however many times you toss or turn on the bed; it does not affect the entire bed. Which means your partner can remain undisturbed with your movements. And vice versa, you can enjoy sound sleep if your partner is a light sleeper.

The coils in a 13-inch Olee mattress are covered by multi foam layers that protect it, and the mattress can be used for many years to come.

The fabric maintains free ventilation that means your skin feels fresh and breathable. Also, the fabric remains cleaner for a long duration. Hence it is easy to maintain the overall mattress.

 The coil and foam hybrid Queen mattress align as per your sleeping posture. This prevents neck, lower back, and body pain. After a long working day, you can come back to Olee hybrid mattress and enjoy a pain-free sound sleep.

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Zinus 12-inch Mattress Review


Zinus mattress is designed to give you pain-free and sound sleep. The 12-inch memory foam is certified by CertiPur-US.

The bottom-most layer of the Zinus mattress is 3.5 inches with a convoluted shape. It maintains constant airflow, so there is no bad smell, and the skin feels breathable.

The second last layer is 3.5 inch which is made up of high-density memory foam.  This gives the correct support to the neck region, back, and overall body parts.

The third last layer of the Green Tea Zinus mattress is 2-inch foam. It helps relieve pressure from body parts and imparts extra cushion. You feel like you are sleeping on the cloud.

The top layer of the Zinus Green Tea mattress is 3-inch memory foam that aligns as per your body shape and weight. It gives pressure-relieving support and contours as per the body.

The entire memory foam is infused with Green Tea extracts that give a fresh smell always which in turn helps soothe your mind and relax. A relaxed mind will no doubt help you attain a better sleep experience.

Zinus mattress has active ActivCharcoal that keeps moisture away and prevents any bad smell from the foam.

This mattress comes with a ten-year warranty. The unfolding will take up to 72 hours after unpacking.

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Vibe Queen Mattress Review


Vibe mattress combines the two best kinds of memory foam to give you the best sleep you have ever dreamed of.

The 12-inch mattress is made up of the latest technology, Gel-infused memory foam, and body-contouring memory foam. This combination is the perfect recipe for sound and comfortable sleep.

Five inches of Gel memory foam keeps heat and moisture away from the body. Hence skin always feels fresh and dry. The base of 7 inches is made up of high-density countering memory foam. This gives the correct support to the body and correct alignment to the spinal cord. The countering memory foam works on relieving pressure points, and you get pain-free and resting sleep.

One side movement or tossing in the bed does not impact the other side of the bed. The other partner can get undisturbed sleep, even when one partner moves or has a tossing turning habit. The gap gets automatically filled, which prevents any sagging in the memory foam. The soft knit cover completes the look of this luxurious mattress.

CertiPUR-US certified memory foam regulates heat and maintains the correct temperature for you to sleep peacefully. It also keeps bad odor away from the bed, so you always have a good Vibe around you!!

Compared to other mattresses in the market with all the features, the Vibe Memory foam mattress is cheaper and durable.

Vibe mattress comes with a ten-year warranty. After unpacking, you can sleep on it the same night.

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As you can see, there are many amazing mattresses made for overweight people. 

Having a mattress which specifically addresses your problems helps you to sleep better and get up fresh in the morning. 

I hope our reviews helped you to finalize the best mattress for you.