Best Plus-size Running Bra Reviews

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Running is a high-impact exercise. You need to wear a good quality sports bra to minimize the movement of the chest while running. While running the movement will cause tears of the ligament, and it results in chest pain and reduces the elasticity of the ligament.

To avoid chest sagging due to the impact, you should always wear high-impact bras while running. The right sports bra will maintain the integrity of the chest wall and shape of the breasts. You may choose from the wide variety of sports bra available in the market today.

Best Plus-size Running Bra Reviews

Let’s check the best plus-size running bra on the market today.

Glamorise - The Cami Medium Support Running Bra for Plus-size Women Review


Glamorise celebrate curvy size women and design sports bra are exclusively for plus-size women. Hence while buying a bra from Glamorise, you can be worry-free. 

The quality, support, and fit of the sports bra will be excellent. The Cami support sports bra is best in coverage and control.

The design of the bra is attractive as the mesh-insert camisole gives full coverage, and the cups provide bounce control. The cups are seamless and don’t stretch; this gives optimum support. It is reinforced without the use of wire for maximum comfort and support.

The wide and non-stretch bra straps don’t slide down during running. You can adjust the straps on the back so that it gives maximum support and comfort. The wide shoulder adjustable and padded straps ensure you don’t have any back and shoulder pain.

The straps are held together by a back hook and eye closures, which are easier to wear and remove. You can avoid painful pressure on points while wearing & removing the bra. The material used is imported polyester, Nylon, and Elastane.

The combination of these materials gives you highly breathable fabric. The fabric wicks the moisture away effectively. The cami bra can be washed in a machine easily. The bra is available in size up to 50C. This is overall the best plus-size running bra.

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Mirity High-impact Racerback Sports Bra for Plus-size Women Review


The high-impact low profile racerback design bra is a compression sports bra. Since it is a high-impact bra, it is ideal for running. The open racerback design gives maximum support. 

The four-way stretch fabric gives you freedom of movement. The material is designed with high-quality imported Nylon and spandex. The fabric is breathable and ideal for long-time use.

The fabric deals with moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable during your run. The wide straps and back don’t make the fit constrained; it gives complete flexibility. It has a built-in bra for added support. 

It has elasticated hem, and you can quickly wear it in a pullover style. It is available up to 3XL size. It comes in basic black, grey, and white colors as well in lovely pink and blue colors.

The pullover design spares you of the discomfort of hook and eye closure. The Mirity sports bra is high in front and gives good coverage. The racerback has two board straps, and the strategically placed cut-off gives you maximum support during the run. 

The overall design is smooth and feels like the second skin. Mirity high-impact racerback bra is a must-have for every woman. This is the best high-impact plus-size running bra.

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Champion Full-support Sports Bra for Plus-size Women Review


Champion is one of the best companies to supply athletic wear. They are known for their expertise and innovative style when it comes to activewear. Their sports bra offers an excellent fit and gives maximum comfort. The full-support bra is ideal for running.

The design is unique as it has a scoop-shaped front, which ensures maximum support and comfort. The shape is perfect and doesn’t give a flattened look to the chest. 

The fabric design technology can wick sweat quickly and evaporates moisture, which keeps you cool and dry. The cup, back, inner, and outer frame lining is made of 76% nylon and 24% spandex.

The center front frame is made of 67% nylon and 33% spandex. The mesh panels give additional ventilation. The straps are gel-infused. The sports bra has hook and eye closures. The available size is up to 403D which is ideal for plus-size women.

The range of color is wide. It offers more than 25 colors. You can choose either a single color or two contrast colors. The fit, shape retention and comfort makes it one of the best sports plus-size running bra available on the market. 

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A sports bra is of high-quality, imported material. It ensures breathability and effective moisture control. The fabric is highly elastic and hence gives a good range of movement without causing any restriction in the movement. The fit and comfort are ideal for plus-size women.

Glamorize gives you a medium-impact sports bra with hook and eye closure. The mesh on the front offers maximum coverage in the front. The design at the back is unique and stylish. 

Mirity has a pullover closure. The wide straps and the back cut-offs ensure comfort and keep you cool and dry. It is a high-impact bra.

Champion offers full coverage bra with eye and hook closure. The scoop shape cups give you excellent shape, and the fit is exceptionally comfortable. 

The sizes are available for all types of body shapes. You can choose the one that fits you the best and can use it while running or any high-impact exercise.

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