Best Running Fuel For Overweight Runners

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First-time runners, especially those who are overweight and want to run long distances to lose some weight, I’m here to make one particular part of your marathon journey significantly less complicated and confusing: fuel. Let’s check the best running fuel for overweight runners below.

When training for running, people tend to focus on (and stress about) the obvious: running long and often. However, an overlooked—yet super important—component of finishing the run and staying healthy throughout your entire training cycle is midrun nutrition.

Use this as your guide to eating and drinking on the run, which is necessary for anyone training to run. 

From gels to chews, hydration tabs to energy drinks, here’s the deal, not only with what to consume while running but why it’s one of the most important things to think about when it comes to achieving your running goal.

Best Running Fuel For Overweight Runners

GU Energy Gel Review


Running and nutrition go hand and hand. The longer the run—in terms of your time and distance—the additional a runner must supply their body with some kind of glucose and calories. 

Each runner’s body and their wants differ once it involves their nutrition. It’s calculated that a runner must consume thirty to sixty grams of carbohydrates every 30-45 minutes for runs that are of 60 minutes or longer.

Around the 60-minute mark of a run, the body starts to finish on its energy stores. The body wants carbs (it’s the most popular energy source) to run, and that’s kept in our muscles before they’re burnt up. By 90-minutes, these stores are depleted.

The more difficult the course, the faster the body’s glycogen is used. Nutrition is required to fill up glycogen levels (carbohydrates kept for energy) so that the body doesn’t “hit the wall” or run out of gas.

GUs, the brand name for energy gels, provide an instant way to get glucose (sugar) into the blood and to the brain. A standard packet of running GU has 100 calories, with 21 grams of total carbs and 7 grams of sugar—generally in the form of glucose and maltodextrin.

 Running GU typically also features sodium, which is important to replenish for those who sweat a lot, especially when they are overweight and run in the summer.

It comes in a variety of flavors like Salted Caramel Chocolate Outrage, Jet Blackberry, Strawberry Banana, Vanilla Bean, and Tri-berry. Some also contain caffeine for that extra energy buzz.

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Science in Sport Energy Gel Review

Science in Sport Energy Gel Review

Like sports drinks, gels have sugars and maltodextrins to provide fuel. Energy gels provide a super-concentrated source of fast-acting carbohydrates.

The Science in Sport energy gel is fast-acting and long-lasting. 22g of fast-digesting carbs for those on the go. SiS energy gels assist you in attaining your supply wants for athletics, running, and other endurance activities.

Note: the suggested consumption of carbs per hour of exercise is 60-90g. Now you won’t require further consumption of water on the run; the isotonic formula means that you don’t require to drink any water with the gels for digestion.

No water means that no biological process distress such as; inborn reflex, cramps, or worse. Crash free caffeine: one hundred fifty mg of caffeine and fewer than 1g of sugar in each gel ensure that0 your energy levels are stable.

It is free from prohibited substances: Informed-sport is a partner agency that ensures that each single SiS product is free from any prohibited substances.

Operating facet by facet with elite athletes in each field, their vision is to become the undisputed leader in our own. However, turning into an elite brand for endurance nutrition whole is not straightforward. It takes relentless development, testing, the trust of athletes. Verified results, time after time.


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Huma Plus Energy Gel Review Review

Huma Plus Energy Gel Review

The HUMA PLUS energy gel contains 2x NATURAL ELECTROLYTES – Sourced from coconut milk, Sea Salt, and Chia Seeds. Double the electrolytes of the original Huma Gel, it comprises of 240-250 mg Sodium and 65 mg potassium. It contains 100% All-Natural, Real-Food ingredients like Fruit Purees, fine-grained Chia Seeds, and rice sweetening.

It contains Kissdextrose and Maltodextrin in good measure. It is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian friendly. It is food sensible – Huma energy gels are the best-tasting energy gels on the market, created with fruits and natural sources of healthy carbs and protein with all nine essential amino acids.

Huma Gel is formed with finely processed Chia Seeds to assist modulate an excellent energy output and encompasses a 2:1 quantitative relation of short & long chain Glucose to fruit sugar for optimum macromolecule uptake, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and gels.

Directions:- One packet quarter-hour before exercise. One packet every 30-45 minutes throughout your exercise. Continually consume with water. Use high solution and gels as necessary for extra sodium/potassium requirements.


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Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews Review


Energy chews come in bite-sized pieces and pack in the same carbs found in drinks and gels. Because of the smaller caloric content, chews can be easier to digest than bars or gels.

Honey Stinger organic energy chews enable blood glucose levels to stay constant throughout activity while not a high insulin spike and crash.

 The organic energy chews fulfill the health requirements of individuals and athletes. Every packet of Energy Chews has one hundred sixty calories.

Among the flavors, it comes in are Cherry, Berry, and Orange! It is an ideal possibility for those that can’t choose only one flavor.

Sugary with organic honey and food product sirup, these chews give a natural supply of energy with the multiple supermolecule sources: aldohexose, fructose, maltose, and sucrose.


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CLIF BAR - BLOKS Energy Chews Review


The CLIF BAR – BLOKS provides fast fuel for runners, hikers, bikers, & alternative endurance athletes. These chews are the right supply of energy to power you through to the goal. 

Every flavor offers completely different levels of caffeine & sodium for energy & solution refilling. It has performance-enhancing caffeine to avoid the bonk.
Caffeine is an efficient ingredient best-known to give boosts of energy.

CLIF uses tea leaf extract for the caffeine supply. It provides carbohydrates for on-the-go energy, and intense carbs throughout activity enhance performance by proving operating muscles with endless provide of energy.

If the carbs are consumed throughout the activity, the body will sustain activity for an extended amount of time.

BLOKS gives targeted & easy-to-chew energy in conjunction with nutrients like sodium & potassium for solution replacement. It is ideal for performance needs and adequately provides electrolytes.

It is made out of organic ingredients to fuel your body naturally.


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The act of running long distances is tricky to run for a couple of main reasons. Firstly, it’s a long road and places huge demands on the body – both physically and mentally. Secondly, your body has limited glycogen stores that only last for a couple of hours. 

This poses a problem for most recreational runners as we’re out on the course for more hours than normal. Fueling then becomes not only a necessity but an aspect of running training that simply cannot be ignored.

Runners have different tastes. Some people can chug back energy gels like they are shots of water. Others, like me, struggle with the consistency and texture of energy gels.

Some runners can’t fathom chewing something while running. Some don’t have an issue with it. You need to find the type of fuel that works for you from both a taste and texture standpoint. 

Go to your local running shop or favorite online running store and order a bunch of different energy gels, energy chews, or energy bars.

Among all the energy fuel products described in this article, your preference will mainly be on the taste and its easiness on the stomach, I assume. GU energy gels are great and come in a variety of flavors; they may be a bit expensive though. 

SiS gels are very good, but some may not like the taste. Huma Plus gels are good and won’t upset your stomach. While among the chews, both are Honey Stinger and CLIF are equally good as both are organic and natural. 

All the above products are best for you for midrun refueling if you are an overweight runner and want to lose some weight by running. The choice is up to you; you can try them out and see what suits you.

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