Best Plus-size Running Tights Reviews

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When it comes to running or workout session, one of your best companions is running tights. The long slender tights are comfortable to exercise in. You can choose from ¾ length to full-length tights. It is a versatile piece of clothing. 

It can be worn under shorts or skirts or can be paired with a t-shirt. It is ideal for running, yoga, or any other form of exercise. The tights can easily fit a regular fit or plus-size person. 

There are various types and varieties available in the market. Let us see the popular choices available in the market.

Best Plus-size Running Tights Reviews

Let’s check the best plus-size running tights on the market today.

Yolix High Waist Plus-size Tights Review


Yolix high waist tights are ideal for running. It has a unique space dye design. The Yolix tights have an inner leg panel. This gives you maximum comfort and flexibility. 

You can wear them indoors and outdoors. The high waist tights are ¾ in length. The tights are made with 92% polyester and 8% spandex. The soft polyester and stretchable spandex mixture create super light tights.

The tights are breathable. The fabric wicks moisture away and keeps you dry and comfortable. It is soft and smooth to touch, which makes it gentle for on your skin. The waistband is high, and the width is in the range of 4.3 inches to 4.8 inches. 

The high and wide waistband sits comfortably on the stomach, and it doesn’t slide down or rollover. It is ideal for people with a large tummy as it compresses the tummy and sits on the belly well.

The tights give a distinct and lean look to the body—the sizes available range from large to 2XL. The only care that you need to take is to wash it in with less than 50C temperature. The low maintenance tights are durable and can last long.

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Baleaf Plus-size Women’s Tights with Fleece Lining Review


Baleaf plus-size tights for women are lined with fleece that makes it ideal wear during chilly weather. The fleece helps in keeping you warm. The material used is 87% Polyester and 13% spandex. 

The fabric has the moisture-wicking capacity that helps to keep you dry and comfortable.

The feel of the tights is soft and smooth, yet the material is thick. The tights aren’t see through. The fabric, in spite of being thick, it is light in weight and comfortable to wear. 

The crotch area has a triangle shape patch that allows you to move naturally.

The high waist and anti-drop design don’t give you a muffin top. It gives you full coverage so you can stretch and bend without worries. 

The seams are done in flatlock design, and hence the skin doesn’t get chafed. The tights are available in various colors for you to choose from. The sizes available are in 1XL to 3XL. It also has 2XL and 3XL Plus sizes.

The Baleaf plus-size tights have a pocket on the waistband. It is hidden as it is on the inner side of the waistband. 

Since the pocket is like a slight slit on the waistband, you cannot store numerous things as it tends to get heavy.

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CompressionZ High Waisted Leggings Review


CompressionZ activewear brings you compression leggings. These types of leggings give a snug fit and provide support and compression to the lower part of the body. 

The compression tights help to regulate blood flow while running, and you get maximum health advantage.

The fabric is a combination of polyester and spandex. It has 4-way stretch technology. The flat seam is comfortable and prevents chafing. The tights have a back zipper pocket. 

You can keep the belongings safely, and it doesn’t hinder while you work out. The fabric is soft and stretchable, so you can freely move without worries.

The fabric is skin-friendly, and it doesn’t cause any itching. The breathable fabric keeps you dry even after a heavy workout session. The tights are not transparent and cover you adequately. 

It is easy to maintain and retains its shape even after regular usage and wash.

The wide waist belt fits securely on the waist and doesn’t roll over or slides down. It is available in 8 colors, and the sizes are large, 1XL, and 2XL. The fit gives you a lean look. 

You can pair it with your gym clothes or your casual clothes. It looks super stylish and ups your glam quotient.

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Yolix is a combination of polyester and spandex material. That gives you super stretch and flexibility and comfort. The high-waist design enhances the shape of your body and is exceptionally soft and makes it look lean. 

It is available in ¾ length. Baleaf brings to you full-length tights with fleece lining. The lining helps you remain warm in cold conditions.

The length of the tights is full size with a wide waistband. CompressionZ, as the name suggests, has compression tights. You can wear compression tights and can exercise for better health benefits. 

The high waistband fits perfectly to provide support to the stomach. It is a full-length tights.

The tights mentioned above are allergy-free and doesn’t cause itching or other skin problems. The fabric is of superior quality breathable material.

The tights come in various colors and sizes for plus-size women. Tights are a must-have in a women’s clothing collection. You can also check tips on how to start running when you are overweight

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