Best Plus Size Running Socks

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Socks are worn by almost everyone. They provide support and comfort to our heels. They also provide protection against getting chafe, which would have been caused if we wore shoes without socks. They also minimize the odor that comes from the heels when sweating. 

Running socks come in various colors, so we can choose the right color to match our running shoes and clothing. They also come in different sizes and styles, and we can choose our style based on our preference.

This review is of a variety of running socks. They can be worn for various occasions, whether jogging, running, working out, and even for shopping. They are great for casual wear too.

Best Plus Size Running Socks Reviews

Balega Running Socks


This unique product Balega hidden comfort running socks gives unrivaled excellence in their performance, feel, and fit. It is Balega’s promise to provide durability and quality. This durability and quality are used to produce this product based on years of extensive research and exists in every seam, every thread, and in every detail.

The Balega running comfort socks have a snug fit, and they don’t shift their position on the foot. They come in five sizes to ensure that you get the perfect fit. They are knitted, having 30% more stitches that add divisions at the heel, guaranteeing optimal stretch and heel protection. It has toe seams that are hand-linked, giving you the ultimate seam-free experience. The Balega socks have the feature of being moisture-wicking, thanks to well-placed ventilation panels.

This product has plush cushioning, which offers a comfortable cushion and excellent performance for long durations of wear. It also delivers impact resistance and protection. This has a feature of being no-show running sock. It also can be worn by men and women. This is made using proprietary moisture-wicking fibers called Drynamix. It is also specially constructed using a strengthened microfiber mesh for ventilation to keep feet dry and cool.

The hand-linked seamless toe reduces friction and hence prevents the top of the foot from chafing. The high heel construction and deep heel pouch prevent the slipping of the sock. The high-volume cushioning delivers protection minus the addition of bulk.

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CelerSport Running Ankle Socks


This is a 6-pack running ankle sock from CelerSport. It is suitable for men as well as women. It has a cushion and is low cut. They can be used for sports use, athletics, to the gym, and even shopping or any other outdoor activity.

It is made from 63.3% combed cotton fabric, 21.5% nylon fabric, 13.8% polyester fabric, and 1.4% spandex. The quality of this sock is exceptional. It is extremely durable too. This running sock is highly stretchable when worn, and it retains its shape when removed. This sock can be worn for a long time without getting worn out.

This running sock is extremely breathable. This running sock is manufactured using combed cotton that releases sweat and absorbs moisture quickly. There is mesh ventilation present in the arch that helps to disperse heat and keep the feet dry.

This sock offers great friction and shock protection. It uses a seamless design at the toe, which prevents blisters that are caused by rubbing of the toe against the shoe. There is cushioning at the toe and the bottom using a thicker fabric, which reduces the friction as you move.

This product has a compression arch to protect you when you jog, run, or walk. It provides increased stability and a great fit. It has a cuff tab of elastic, which locks to the heel and prevents the slipping of the sock when worn.

There are four sizes to choose from: S to XL. If you are unsatisfied with the product after purchase, you can return it and get a full refund.

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Saucony Women’s Athletic Socks


The Saucony women’s performance heel tab athletic socks are an excellent product for both support as well as comfort. It gives an extremely great performance, especially for the tough sessions of training in the gym, or long-distance running.

It has a heel tab feature for added comfort and protection. Another feature that it has is run dry moisture management that helps keep the feet dry. It also has arch support for a secure fit. This prevents slipping of the sock from the foot when worn. This athletic sock has mesh ventilation that improves breathability and enhances comfort. It has targeted cushioning in high areas of impact for more comfort. It also has a toe seam for reduced chafing, friction, and increased protection.

The fit of this sock is below the ankle bone. The toe seams run on the top of the toe and not the tip, which prevents blister on the bottom of the big toe. Eight pairs of socks come in this order. The pricing is excellent, providing great quality at a very affordable price.

The fabric used for manufacturing itis made up of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. It is imported. It has no closure. It can be machine washed. It is made by knitting. It is thick (thick enough to notice when walking), but don’t make you feel uncomfortable.

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Thorlos Experia Running Socks


The Thorlos Experia Xccu Thin Cushion Running Low Cut Socks are an excellent choice for runners.

This product is made of 79% Polyester, 20% Nylon, 1% Elastic. It is manufactured in the USA. It has no closure. It is 0.7″ high and 14″ wide. It has been the gold standard in running socks, which are lightly padded for over one decade.

The Thorlos Experia Xcuu delivers comfort, protection, and quality in a thin padded, light sock. The nylon covered LYCRA gives an aerodynamic glove similar fit. There are ventilation panels present in it for more breathability and moisture control. The Thor-Wick fibers in the heel or ball areas provide increased moisture management.

The presence of a light Achilles tendon cushion protects against chaffing and rubbing. It features a no-rub seam for the toe, which will ensure that your feet won’t get irritated. It is machine washable but has to be turned inside out, and the use of a fabric softener, preferably liquid, is advised.

Experia is designed for performance, fit, and durability. It is engineered at Thorlo. Thorlo invented the activity-specific sock. Thorlo places a cushion at the impact areas of the heel and the ball of the foot, not too thick but enough for protection of the feet. The elastic bands assure a good fit and prevent sliding of the sock. Experia is designed and manufactured using a special sizing chart. Hence each sock size fits only some shoe sizes. This ensures a perfect fit for all, and no sloppy toes or heels.

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Feetures Unisex Merino Socks


The Feetures unisex merino cushion no show tab sock is an innovative product for those of you interested in athletics, especially running. It is engineered for extreme comfort and performance. Feetures makes products for the human body in motion.  Feetures use Merino wool that’s extremely fine and uses it in combination with soft rayon made from bamboo. This combination of fabrics gives a great feel and increased comfort.

It has a seamless toe as well for enhanced comfort of its users. It is made using high-density knitting, which results in a cushion that’s lightweight. It has temperature control features too, as the Merino fibers keep the feet odor-free and dry by efficient moisture-wicking. Another feature of the socks is that they insulate the feet when wet, which makes the feet warm in cool and damp conditions.

The features Merino socks have anti-odor properties, which are naturally exhibited by the fabric it is made out of, perfect for any athlete. This product comes with a lifetime guarantee, as its manufacturer wants you to have a memorable experience with the company’s products. They also stand behind the quality of the socks they produce. If at any time you are not satisfied with anyone of their products, you can return it for a refund or replacement.

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Socks are a very integral part of our clothing. They are not only used to cover the feet but to keep the feet warm in the cold weather and prevent blisters and friction when wearing footwear such as shoes predominantly. 

They also protect the feet from sweat arising when we wear shoes, which results in odor and an uncomfortable, sticky feeling. Moisture and heat are extremely bad for your feet. 

Your sock’s purpose is to protect your feet from the impact it gets during the day to day activities and also from moisture.

All these five products of socks discussed in this article are a good choice for you generally. Some socks will be better suited for some over others. 

If you are looking for socks for both men and women, the Balega running socks and CelerSport running socks would be a good choice. While if you are looking for socks exclusively for women, then you can go for Saucony women’s athletic socks. 

Saucony’s socks fit plus-sized women better. Thorlo is also a brand that creates the best products in activity-specific socks. Feetures socks are good too but a bit expensive.

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